Does Oura Ring Work With Fitbit?


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The Oura ring is a great health and fitness tracker. It is convenient because it is a ring that is easily worn on a finger of your choosing. The ring is sleek, modern, and intuitive. It monitors stats like heart rate, oxygen, and sleep levels. Many fitness enthusiasts wonder if their Oura ring will also work with the Fitbit app.

The Oura ring doesn’t work with the Fitbit app. They cannot be paired together. There are other apps beyond the Oura app that it can be paired with on a smartphone. Oura has not yet determined if they will release future compatibility with Fitbit applications.

Although the Oura is not compatible with the Fitbit app, it works with alternative applications. Currently, Oura ring works with ten different health and wellness apps. If you want to get the most out of your Oura ring, read on to learn about each of the different apps Oura is compatible with.

A Plethora of Health Apps

In today’s world, health has become extremely important. People constantly employ different technologies to track their health, progress, and status. This is a great tool to keep in touch with oneself and improve on goals. Since there are so many different options for health apps, people often wonder which one works best with the Oura Ring. 

There are ten health and wellness apps that work best with the Oura Ring:

  • Cronometer
  • FitnessSyncer
  • Google Fit
  • Gyroscope
  • Health Sync
  • HRV4 Training
  • iHealth
  • Samsung Health
  • Oura Ring
  • Wattson Blue 

Knowing the names of each app can be helpful, but what is more helpful is understanding which app does what. Read on to get an in-depth look at each Oura Ring compatible wellness app.


This application focuses on nutrition and diet. It is one of the most comprehensive nutrition apps on the market. They use real data and facts to amp up the database so that users can use it for the most accurate information. Paired with the Oura ring, it can track exercise variables to adjust your daily caloric intake allotment.


This all-around fitness tracker monitors things like exercise, steps, weight, blood pressure, sugar levels, sleep, oxygen, and more. It gives users information based on the data it receives in the form of charts that are simple to read and easy to pull up.

Google Fit

This health tracking application works with both Android smartphones and iOS devices. It tracks sleep, nutrition, oxygen levels, and exercise levels and acts as a health coach to motivate users. It sets goals and reminds you of the goals so that you are sure to reach them and stay motivated.


This app is similar to other health apps. It acts as a health coach and is compatible with Apple Health. You can track variables such as nutrition, sleep, mood, exercise, and meditation. It provides feedback and tracks how well you are doing as compared to your goals. It uses an alphabet grading system, so it is easy to understand.

Health Sync

Although this app was originally intended for the Fitbit, users can sync their Oura rings to it. This app provides a space to keep all of your Oura data if you are not fond of the Oura app or prefer to use a different interface. This app has a one-week free trial. After the free trial, the user will need to pay a one-time fee of $2.99 to continue to use the app.


This app is the first app that is validated for heart rate variability. It helps users manage stress and monitor their heart rate’s effects when they are working out. The app does not require a sensor to operate, and it speaks to the Oura app to get the information it picks up to compile its data and feedback. 


This is an iOS-based application meant for health tracking on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products. This application allows users to manage their personal health goals while keeping active and living busy lifestyles. It uses report cards to inform users of their stats and progress for the day.

Samsung Health

Samsung makes this application, and it is a full-service health app. It tracks important health and wellness data such as food intake, sleep, meditation, and exercise. The app is free and compatible with the Oura ring and many other similar health tracking smart devices such as the Fitbit, Google Watch, and more.

Oura Ring

The original app that Oura has produced for its ring, this app provides feedback on all of the data that the Oura ring collects. It includes nutrition, exercise, steps, sleep, oxygen, and much more. It will also help users determine when their body reality should go to sleep to get the best out of a good night’s rest.

Wattson Blue

This application is a health app that looks at heart rate information and sleeps information and provides training and recovery advice. The Oura monitors both sleep levels and heart rate levels, so it is the perfect service to pair with this application to see your overall health and how you can improve your wellness journey.

Sync Up and Go

The Oura ring is a versatile ring that is compatible with many different health apps. This is convenient because not every health app meets the needs of each user. Also, some health apps are easier to navigate than others. Do not pass up on the ring just because it does not sync up with Fitbit. After using it, you will find it is a great smart health device overall.

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