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Does Nest Secure Require a Subscription?

Last Updated May 2, 2019
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Nest Secure is a great way to secure your home, but does it cost a monthly fee like so many other security systems? With so many innovative smart home devices that are popping up on the market every day, it is only right that there is a home security system that is just as advanced.

Does Nest Secure require a subscription? No. Nest Secure does not require a subscription to be able to carry out the basic functions of arming, disarming, and controlling the entire system remotely from the Nest app.

Although the Nest Secure system does not require any additional fees to protect a home, the optional subscription services provide an additional layer of security to those who choose to pay for it every month. Keep reading to find out more about the subscription options and pricing for Nest Secure users, and what you can do with a paid membership.

What is Nest Secure?

Nest Secure
Nest Secure

Nest Secure is an advanced smart home security system that is designed to protect against intruders while still making it comfortable for the people who actually live there. Their tagline for the product is that Nest Secure is “easy to live with and only tough when you need it to be.”

There is no loud beeping associated with entering and exiting the house, and there is no reason to rush out the door in fear of the alarm going off before you make it outside.

Nest Secure Components:

  • Nest Guard – The brains of it all – Alarm, Motion Sensor, Microphone, Keypad
  • Nest Detect – Sensors for doors or windows
  • Nest Tag – Key fob to disarm and arm your home quick
  • Nest App – The app you use to manage your system and configure it

The Nest Secure system comes with a series of components that help to keep a home as secure as possible while maintaining an extremely user-friendly interface.

The Nest Guard is a compact device that is equipped with a motion sensor, alarm, keypad, and built-in Google Assistant voice technology. This device will usually be placed on a tabletop or other elevated surface near the main entry point.

The Nest Detect is a sensor that monitors all of the openings in the house, including the doors, windows, and even the bedrooms. The Nest Tag, on the other hand, is a circular device that allows you to arm and disarm the system without typing in a passcode at all. This is done by simply touching it to the top of the Nest Guard, notifying the system that you are home.

The Nest App – In order to control what is happening at home whether you are inside or away, you can download the special Nest App to complete all controls remotely. What’s great is you can manage your so many Nest products from the App:

  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Cameras
  • Next Security System (Nest Secure)

With tons of customizable features throughout all security components, the Nest Secure system is convenient for homes and families of all sizes.

Nest Secure Subscriptions Explained

Nest Secure2

Subscription Options:

  • Cellular Backup Plan – no Wi-Fi needed for push notifications
  • Professional Monitoring – remote security monitoring with 24/7 responsiveness to emergencies

When the topic of such an advanced security system such as Nest Secure comes up, most people would assume that there are additional fees associated with use. However, there is no mandatory recurring fee for the purchase of a Nest Secure system alone.

When you initially purchase a Nest Secure system, you will receive:

  • 1x Guard
  • 2x Detects
  • 2x Tags
Nest Tag
Nest Tag

In order to set up the system and begin using it, you will need a home Wi-Fi internet connection and the Nest mobile application.

To use the basic functions of the Nest Secure system, you will not be required to pay anything more than the retail price.

While it is not necessary to purchase a subscription to use the Nest Secure system to protect your home, there are a few options for memberships you can opt into for added safety features.

The first option is the cellular backup subscription plan. This plan allows you to use your Nest Secure system in the event that your home Wi-Fi connection is down or disconnected.

Nest Detect
Nest Detect

The Guard and Detect components do not usually need wireless internet to send messages back and forth, but the Guard piece will need it to send notifications to the mobile app on the users’ phone.

If you have signed up for the cellular backup plan, you will be able to receive notifications to your phone directly from your Nest Guard in case anything goes wrong.

This is a convenient feature to have that will give you peace of mind while you are away from your home with the knowledge that you will always have control over what is going on, no matter what.

The alternative option for a monthly subscription is the professional monitoring feature. Without this subscription, the Nest Secure system would send a notification to your phone from the Nest app if anything unusual was detected.

Under normal circumstances, you would be responsible for receiving the message and taking action yourself to come up with a solution.

How does the Nest Secure professional monitoring service work?

When you sign up for the professional monitoring service, a security team will be watching over your devices 24/7. Brought to Nest by partner Brinks Home Security, the team monitors the notifications of the Nest Secure device remotely.

This means that when something goes wrong, the proper authorities will be contacted immediately if there is ever an emergency in your home.

The security experts that are trained to react quickly and efficiently in emergencies will handle every security issue promptly with no stress or action required from the user.

Nest Secure Subscription Pricing

Nest Guard
Nest Guard

The pricing for Nest Secure has a few different options if you choose to sign up for it.

Subscription Prices:

  • Cellular Backup Plan – $5/month
  • Professional Monitoring Plan (3 years) – $24.99/month
  • Professional Monitoring Plan (no contract) – $34.99/month

When it comes to the pricing of Nest Secure subscriptions, there are a few different options for length of contract that will directly translate to the amount of monthly payment. Customers who choose to purchase the professional monitoring subscription will be able to choose between a three-year contract or a month-to-month plan.

Cellular Backup Plan – $5/month

  • For the three-year contract, there will be a slightly lower monthly fee of $24.99.

Professional Monitoring Plan (3 years) – $24.99/month

  • For those who choose to lock into the 3 year long-term contract, the fee is cheaper per month.

Professional Monitoring Plan (no contract) – $34.99/month

  • For those who do not lock into a long term contract, the price is bumped up an additional $10 for a total of $34.99.

With the professional monitoring service, users are able to take advantage of the cellular backup feature automatically with their monthly payment. To purchase the cellular backup plan only, it will cost $5 per month.

If that’s a little rich for your blood, check out this article on 12 DIY security systems without a monthly fee.

Should I Get a Nest Secure Subscription?

Now that we have established that Nest Secure systems do not need a paid subscription to be able to adequately protect your home, you might be wondering if you should get one anyway. Do I need a Nest Secure subscription, and which one is right for me?

Cellular Backup:

  • Unreliable internet connection
  • Home in a mountain region

Professional Monitoring:

  • Busy professionals/homeowners who are never home
  • Want for increased protection

The answer to this question will be based on preference, lifestyle, and individual needs. Homeowners with spotty or unreliable internet connections should consider the cellular backup plan, in case their Wi-Fi shuts off in the middle of an emergency.

On the contrary, busy professionals or people who are usually not at home should consider the professional monitoring service to take care of any problems that may arise. Not everyone is watching their phone 24/7, so it would be beneficial to have someone else doing it for you at all times.

However, as a general recommendation, it never hurts to have the extra backup that comes with both the cellular and professional monitoring services. At the cost of $25 to $35 a month, the added features that are provided really make a difference.

With the help of both of these special features, you will never have to worry about your home being left unattended. Regardless of the status of your internet connection or where you might be at the time, you can take a deep breath and relax, knowing that everyone in the house will be safe and secure at all times.

To conclude, the Nest Secure system is an asset to any smart home that will keep everything secure basically all on its own. While purchasing a paid subscription is a choice, the safety of your home and family is priceless, and the Nest Secure team will make the monthly payment well worth it.

Related Questions

What is Nest Aware?

Nest Aware is an optional monthly subscription service that is compatible with all Nest security cameras. This additional service provides the user with saved video history, quick security alerts, high-definition videos, and the personalization of activity zones. Similar to Nest Protect subscriptions, this provides an added layer of protection.

What other smart home security products does Nest offer?

Nest offers a variety of home security devices from cameras to smoke detectors. In addition to Nest Secure, the Nest Protect system is an advanced device that quickly notifies the user of any fires or fumes. Nest also has a wide range of advanced security cameras that come with optional added security features for an additional monthly fee.

Are Nest products able to work together in the same home?

Yes. Nest products are very convenient and easy to use and can be controlled using the same Nest mobile application. These products include security systems, cameras, smoke detectors, and thermostats from Nest.

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