Looking into the smart smoke detector market, there are some definite safety advantages I think my home will benefit from. But updating the whole house with my choice of smart smoke detectors, the Nest Protect, just isn’t an option.

Financially, it will take a few rounds of bringing the smoke detectors home. That overlap will leave me with both “dumb” and smart smoke detectors. But will that even work?

I did some more research to find out if Nest Protect works with existing smoke detectors.

Does Nest Protect work with existing smoke detectors? No. When a Nest Protect system is installed in a home, it will only be able to connect and work together with other Nest devices. So, if there are any other types of smoke detectors in the area, the Nest Protect will ignore them.

They both will do the job of detecting smoke and fires they just won’t be able to communicate with each other. The Nest Protect is easily the better option though.

Nest Protect is a more technologically forward alternative to a traditional smoke detector. With multiple added features that improve the user’s experience with the device, Nest Protect can carry out a variety of additional tasks within the home.

So, how does the Nest Protect system interact with any existing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors? Let’s take a look.

The Features of Nest Protect

Nest Protect is an extremely advanced smoke and carbon monoxide system that is able to be controlled by the user through a smartphone application.

The device has the ability to detect any kind of smoke or fire without going off in the presence of steam. When the Nest picks up any sign of danger, it will immediately send an alert to the user’s connected devices to let them know which areas of the home require attention.

In addition to the smartphone alerts that come with every Nest Protect system, the device itself is equipped with an actual human voice that projects from the machine to alert the user with a spoken warning. If any potential hazards are present within the area, the Nest Protect will speak out loud and broadcast what the issue is and where it is occurring throughout the house.

For example, if something is burning on the stove, the Nest Protect system will shout out a heads up that there is smoke coming from the kitchen area, and the user will be able to gain control of the burning food before the problem progresses.

Unlike most traditional smoke detector systems, Nest Protect is able to differentiate between steam and smoke, so the alarm will not go off during hot showers.

The Nest Protect has several built-in features that allow it to carry out smart functions throughout the day. These features include special motion sensors that detect any movement below it, including people walking through the area. These sensors are connected to a built-in Pathlight that will switch on in the presence of any kind of movement within the area.

This feature is especially helpful during the nighttime when the house is dark and the user can’t be bothered to find the light switch. They can simply just walk past the Nest Protect system and it will light the way for them automatically.

Additionally, the Nest Protect performs maintenance on itself with no help or promptings from the user. It is a known fact that almost one hundred percent of people do not perform the appropriate tests that are needed once a month on their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

The Nest Protect system was built and programmed with these statistics in mind because each device is able to test its own sound and functions right on schedule exactly once a month. Not only that, but the Nest Protect will perform frequent battery checks on its own and alert the user when it is time to replace them, without those annoying beeping sounds that smoke detectors usually make.

The Nest Protect system is programmed to be able to take care of itself, performing hundreds of internal checks consistently every single day that it is in use.

Nest Protect and Traditional Smoke Detectors

The main difference between Nest Protect systems and more traditional smoke detector devices is the compatibility with modern technology. More specifically, Nest Protect devices are directly connected to the user’s Nest smartphone app, where they can control the settings remotely and receive specific alerts when they are not home.

Most basic smoke detectors carry out very simple and straight forward functions and do not have the advanced capabilities to recognize the difference between actual smoke and harmful substances like steam.

Additionally, traditional smoke detectors require a lot of frequent maintenance from the user in order to make sure the functions are working properly. For a regular smoke detecting device, the batteries will eventually run out and the alarm will ring until they are replaced.

Just because most people do not run tests on their smoke detectors doesn’t mean that they are not required for optimum safety. Basically, all of the features that the Nest Protect is able to do on its own must be initiated by the user with a traditional smoke detector.

Since we all can forget to do the things that Nest Protect will schedule and complete on its own, it is the much more desirable option than an alternative smoke detector device.

When a Nest Protect system is installed into a home, it will not be compatible with the existing smoke detectors, unless it is another Nest Protect.

The reasoning behind this is the fact that traditional smoke detectors are not advanced enough to keep up with all of the functions that the Nest Protect possesses. The Nest Protect system can connect with other Nest Protect devices throughout the home, as well as other miscellaneous Nest devices like the Nest thermostat, for example, but they will not be able to recognize other devices with more simple and overall limited functions.

If there is only one Nest Protect device that is installed into a home with 5 other smoke detectors, the Nest will still be able to carry out its normal functions, but it will only be able to reach the area of the home in which it is installed.

If the only Nest Protect system is located in the kitchen downstairs, it will be able to alert the user if something has caught fire in the kitchen. It won’t be able to alert to problems outside of its range.

The Different Types of Nest Protect Systems

Customers who purchase Nest Protect Systems have two different options for the type of connections that each device will be able to sustain. These two types of systems are battery powered and wired. Both of these devices are the exact same price on the Nest website at the time of purchase, with the only difference being the method of installation into the home.

The wired Nest Protect system is intended for homes that use smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors that are already installed through the ceiling and walls with a network of electrical wires. Each customer should know how their new smoke detector system will be able to connect into the walls of their homes.

Nest also offers another option for the Nest Protect system that is powered by a battery, which is ideal for those who do not have a system of wires that can be connected to the new device.

Related Questions

How much does it cost to purchase a Nest Protect System?

The cost of a brand new Nest Protect device is approximately $119 including complimentary expedited shipping. Nest Protects can also be purchased in used, refurbished, or open box conditions from various electronics stores and big-box retailers for a slightly lower price.

Are there any changes in price for purchasing Nest Protect devices for an entire home?

Nest customers are given the option directly from the website to purchase the Nest Protect devices in orders of 1, 3, or 6 at a time or 1 or 4 on Amazon. Although the base price for all three options keeps the total price per item at the original $119, Nest frequently offers deals and promotions on their site that will take the individual price of each device down by a certain percentage.

Each Nest Protect also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

How are users able to interact with their Nest Protect devices from the Nest smartphone app?

Some of the main features that users have access to from the Nest smartphone app are notifications and remote device controls. The Nest Protect device will send notifications to all connected devices through the Nest app when any kind of problem is detected throughout the house.

This is especially helpful when nobody is home because it will help the homeowner get to the problem and solve it quickly in order to avoid a disaster.

Additionally, the Nest Protect will send notifications to the user if it is running low on battery instead of making loud beeping noises in the middle of the night like most other smoke detectors. Users are able to silence their Nest Protect device or turn off the ringing alarm when necessary from the smartphone app as well.

Another one of the most helpful features that can be accessed by Nest Protect users from the convenient smartphone app is the ability to run diagnostics on each device to monitor their health and become aware of any potential problems within the system.