Does Nest Hello Work with Echo Show?

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Google’s Nest Hello has become one of the most popular options for homeowners looking to upgrade their doorbell. Amazon’s Echo Show has become one of the most popular smart home displays that people choose to add Alexa into various parts of their home. But do the two products from competing companies allow the devices to work together?

Luckily, the Nest Hello does work with the Echo Show for the most part. Almost all functions that are available are supported. However, these two devices work together as a result of outside developers and not directly through Amazon and Google.

If you’re interested in getting Nest Hello and Echo Show to work together in your Smart Home, you’ve come to the right place! Stick around and just keep reading.

Does Nest Work with Amazon Echo Show?

Nest Hello does work with Amazon Echo Show.  Nearly every function that would be supported by one of Google’s smart displays is also supported by the Echo Show. The only exception is the lack of talking back to those in front of your doorbell. The lack of two-way audio is the only real drawback with connecting the two and really should not be a dealbreaker for most.

A fun fact about the integration of the Nest and the Show is that it is enabled by a third-party developer. Amazon and Google have not built the two systems to work together. Developers have created various ‘skills’ that Alexa can be taught, and Nest integration is one of them.

To connect the two systems:

  1. Connect your Nest Hello to your home Wi-Fi network. The same network your Alexa is using.
  2. Open the Alexa app and find the menu on the main page.
  3. Look for the ‘Skills and Games’ option and try to find the Nest Camera choice.
  4. Choose it with a tap to enable it.
  5. Follow the app’s prompts to log in with your Nest username and password.

These short steps will allow you to view the live stream from the camera and will enable the vast majority of options available to the Nest.

Does Echo Show 5 Work with Nest Hello?

Just like any other of the Amazon Echo Show devices, the Show 5 does work well with the Nest Hello. Once connected, the display will show the user a live feed from the camera with no problems. It also can integrate with Alexa to enable full voice commands. The one caveat was mentioned before is that the devices do not integrate to the level of having two-way voice conversations.

While Show 5 will work well with the Nest, it may not be the best choice. Amazon offers larger, higher-resolution screens that showcase the HD camera Nest Hello provides. All versions of the Echo, as of 2021 that are 8” or above, provide an HD display.

The best option for the most superior quality picture is the Nest Show 15, which gives a full HD view (1080p). Another note regarding the Nest Show 15 is that it can be easily mounted on a wall which could be a nice touch. It can also be mounted in portrait mode, which is impossible on Show 5.

Does Nest Work with Amazon Echo Show?

All versions of the Echo Show work quite well with the Nest Hello. The user can integrate Alexa commands with the Nest to allow for a full view of whatever the camera sees. The user can also hear what is going on near the camera even if they cannot have conversations.

One big exception from saying the two devices have full integration is that the user will not be able to use Alexa as a door chime. There would be too many notifications going through the Echo for the system to keep up with not only the Nest but any other application connected. For the record, this is not just for Nest notifications but any sound coming into the Alexa system.

For complete and total integration, including two-way chat and the use of a smart assistant as a door chime, you must buy a Google Nest speaker or display. This would be the only option with more integration than an Echo Show.

Final Thoughts

The Nest Hello is one of the most popular smart doorbells available, and for good reason. It is easy to upgrade and offers a large feature set. The Amazon Echo show has the same qualities in the smart display sector. The two devices work quite well together and offer near full integration, with the only exception being the two-way voice.

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