Does Nest Cam Record 24/7 (Continuously)


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In today’s world of increasing home break-ins, people are looking for the right type of home monitoring to protect their house. And having that 24/7 monitoring can help you, and your loved ones, feel safe. Here, we will take a look at the Nest Cam, to see some of its features that someone can be looking for.

Nest Cams that are second generation and beyond provide 24/7 continuous monitoring. However, you are only able to save 3 hours of video at a time. For earlier models, there are a couple of things that will have to be added to achieve round-the-clock surveillance.

To be able to have around the clock home monitoring with the Nest Cam, you will need 2 things. First is a subscription to Nest Aware Plus. Secondly, you will also need to have all cameras wired to a power source. Keep reading to find out more.

Does Nest Record 24 hours?

Being able to get 24 hours of recorded video from your Nest Cam can help give peace of mind. Having continuous, recorded, video footage from your Nest Cam can come in handy, if you ever need to look back on events that have happened on your property. 

When bundled with other Google products and services, you can make the most out of your Nest Cam with 24 hours of recorded video. So if what you are looking for is 24 hours of recorded video, the Nest Cam would be able to provide that. 

But getting features like this will cost a little more money than just the initial price of the cameras. You will need to have a subscription to Nest Aware Plus.

Which Subscription Service Is Better?

On top of that, you will need a power cable to attach to the cameras for them to be able to do 24 hours of recording. Google does offer 2 subscription tiers, but only the Nest Aware Plus gives the ability for 24 hours of recording. So with these added features,  you will be able to get the most out of your Nest Cam. 

Below you can compare and see some of the differences between two subscription services that Google offers with it’s Nest Cam:

Subscription featuresNest AwareNest Aware Plus
Event video history 30 days60 days 
24/7 video history NoYes

The 2 subscription options that Google offers with the Nest Cam come at two different price points. The Nest Aware Plus option is $12 a month and gives you up to 10 days of 24 hours of recorded video, along with 60 days of live event recording, whereas the Nest Aware subscription at $6 does not. Y

You will also need the Nest Cam weatherproof power cord if you get the Nest Aware Plus subscription to have 24 hour video recording. Check the price on Amazon.

Does the Nest Doorbell Record Constantly? 

For some people, they are just looking for a doorbell camera that will give them constant recording. It would give them the ability to see any package deliveries or any possible intruders. We will take a look to see if the Nest doorbell can meet this need.

The newer Nest doorbell model is unable to do a continuous recording of video. Even with it being wired to a power source, and with the Nest Aware Plus subscription, you still can’t get that continuous recording. 

This may come as a shock to anyone that is familiar with the old Nest Doorbell known as Nest Hello. The older generation Nest Hello had a wired option that did allow for a continuous recording of video. 

If you are looking for the constant video recording from a Nest doorbell, you will have to opt for the older generation Hello to get that, along with having a monthly subscription to Nest Aware Plus. With the new model of Nest Doorbell not having the ability to constantly record video, one would need to weigh the options between the old and new generation of Nest doorbell products. 

Does Nest Cam Record When Off

The drawback to the wireless Nest cameras is that they are unable to have any type of 24/7 monitoring without a wired power source and subscription. But for people that aren’t looking for that type of home monitoring, they have other questions about the Nest Cam.

As a general rule, the Nest Cam is unable to record when off. If the battery dies, the Nest Cam will be unable to record any events. One can also turn off the camera, and it’s recording abilities, through the Nest app or with Google Home. 

However, if the Nest Cam is only offline from the Google servers, it will still record videos on it’s internal memory. These videos can then be uploaded once the Nest Cam is reconnected to the Google server. The ability for the Nest Cam to record and save a video internally is helpful in the event that someone loses internet access. 

For people that are looking for 24/7 monitoring and protection, the Nest Cam can offer that to you. But to be able to get that, you will need to spend a little more money. 


Now you know everything about the recording function of the Nest Camera and doorbell.

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