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Does Nest Audio Work With iPhone?

Last Updated Feb 6, 2022
nest audio

When Apple Music was first established, no other devices besides Apple ones could play Apple Music. Since then, Apple has made its music streaming service available to many third-party speakers. So does the Nest Audio work with iPhones? 

Apple Music and iPhones, in general, are now compatible with most devices, including the Nest Audio. If you own a Google Nest smart speaker, it is straightforward to stream any content, including Apple Music, from your iPhone to the Nest Audio. 

To use the Nest with an iPhone, ensure your devices are connected to a wifi network and that you have installed the Google Home app on your Apple iPhone or iPad. 

What is Google Nest Audio? 

The Google Nest Audio is wifi enabled speaker that can stream music directly from your Google cloud. When Google products started developing, and Apple products were first established, they were not compatible with much outside their universe. 

However, now you can use an iPhone with all Google Nest devices. This includes streaming Apple Music through your Google Nest Audio speaker. It is important to note that Nest Audio devices with iPhone streaming capabilities are only available in select countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and France.

A fantastic way to keep your Nest Audio in your home and out of the way is to use a wall mount.

How to Set-up a Nest Audio to Work with iPhone

The following steps will guide you through the set-up procedure to stream your iPhone through a Google Nest device. 

  1. Open the Google Home app on your Apple device. 
  2. Sign in, If you are not already, to your Google Home account. 
  3. After signing in, tap the + button in the upper left-hand corner. 
  4. Under “Add Services,” select Music 
  5. From there, under “More Music Services,” select Apple Music 
  6. A pop-up will appear on the screen saying “Link Account.” Select that link. 
  7. Watch for the Apple website to appear, then log in to your Apple account. 
  8. An “Access Request’ page will appear; make sure you choose “Allow.” 

After following those steps, Apple Music will appear in the “Your Music Services” section on the Music screen. 

There is an option to select Apple Music as your default. If you don’t want to specify that you wish Apple Music to play every time you use a voice command, you can set it as your default music player. By doing this, all other music streaming networks you have connected to your Google Home accounts, such as Spotify or Youtube Music, will need to be specified to play. 

Follow these steps to set up Apple Music as your default music player: 

  1. Open the Google Home app on your Apple Device, such as your iPad or iPhone. 
  2. Select settings
  3. Select Music 
  4. Select Apple Music
  5. After doing that, Apple Music is now your default music player in Google Home. 
  6. To play songs from Apple Music on your Google Nest, give the device a voice command. 

Once the set-up is finished, you’ll need to give your Google Nest speaker a voice command. Say, “Hey Google, play my favorite playlist (insert name),” or ask her to play specific songs. Once the music begins playing, you’ll need to select the media button on the Google Home app, and from there, you can play, pause, skip, or change the volume.

What is Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service that runs on subscriptions. They offer over eighty million songs! You can use it on many devices, such as the iPhone 13 pro.

There are many great features and benefits to using Apple Music for your music needs when connected to Nest Audio, such as: 

  • Use Siri to ask for any song, playlist, or album. 
  • Streaming ad-free 
  • Music 
  • Unique content and exclusives
  • Available on Apple products  

There are four different tiers of Apple Music. The Voice Plan is $4.99 a month and strictly uses Siri. Request any song you want by simply asking Siri. Your device will personalize playlists for you from the editors of Apple Music. 

iPhone also offers a student plan at $4.99 per month but has more features than the voice tier. 

Features included with the Student plan that is not included with the voice plan are:

  • See what your friends are listening too 
  • View lyrics 
  • Download 100,000 songs to your Apple Music library
  • Access library offline and listen online or off 

The Individual tier is $9.99 monthly, and the family plan is $14.99 a month. The difference between the two tiers is that you gain unlimited music access for up to six people on the family plan. You also have access to a personal library for each family member and personalized music recommendations when using the family plan. 


With the ability to use an iPhone with the Nest Audio and Apple Music to Google, listeners can search and play their favorite tunes through voice controls. After linking the devices, it will work like any other music service on Google devices.