Does Nest Audio Work With Chromecast?

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Connection capabilities are now imperative when it comes to technological devices. Consumers like you and me want to be able to control our many devices through one convenient appliance. Luckily for us, there are several options to invest in that will make your home a smart home, and the Nest Audio is certainly one of the best. However, you may be wondering, does the Nest Audio work with Chromecast?

Nest Audio does work with Chromecast. In fact, the device comes equipped with the streaming program already programmed and ready to go, so all you need to do to begin enjoying it is download the Chromecast app on your phone. 

The great news just keeps on coming because listening to your Chromecast through your Nest Audio couldn’t be easier! In this article, we are going to discuss how to stream Chromecast directly through your Nest Audio speaker, so keep reading, cause we have everything you need to know!

How Does Built-In Chromecast Work With Nest Audio?

As one of Google’s newer smart home speakers, the Nest Audio has quite a few amazing features, and it actually comes with Chromecast already built-in, but what does that mean?

Well, you will still have to download the Chromecast app on your phone and pair your phone with your Nest Audio, but after that, you will be good to go as the programming is already implanted in the device itself. 

The best news yet? The instructions for these two necessary steps are incredibly simple and we are going to go through them right now. 

How to Pair your Phone or Tablet With Nest Audio

When pairing two smart devices, the most important step that many people miss during setup is that your phone or tablet needs to be connected to the same home wireless network as the other device, in this case the Nest Audio, in order for the connection to stick. 

Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, you have probably already accessed the Play Store or App Store. The icon should be clearly visible on your home screen, and once you have found it, simply click to open and type “Google Home” into the search bar. 

Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account. 

Your Nest Audio should appear on your list of available devices and you can Cast your phone or tablet or anytime to play your music, podcasts, news, or several other types of entertainment at any time. 

How to Download Chromecast on Your Phone or Tablet

In order to access Chromecast from your phone or tablet, you will also need to download the Chromecast app from the Play Store or App Store.

From there, just follow these easy steps: 

  • Download the Chromecast app and then open it. 
  • You will be asked to either sign in or create a new account. 
  • From there, simply press the icon that says “Cast” and select the Nest Audio option. 

That’s it! Now anything you are playing on your Chromecast will be played aloud through your Nest Audio. You can either control it with your phone or through voice commands to the Nest Audio. 

How to Stream and Control Chromecast on Nest Audio Without Using Phone or Tablet

Once you have downloaded the Chromecast app to your device, you don’t actually need it to control the app. You can just use voice commands to stream whatever you want!

To stream Chromecast onto your Nest Audio and control the entertainment, you can use these simple phrases:

  • Always begin with “Okay, Google” or “Hey, Google.”
  • Then you can say “Play music” and even specify the kind of music you would like to hear. 
  • To pause, you can say “Pause the music”, “Pause music”, or even just “Pause.”
  • To stop playing, use “Stop”, “Stop the music”, or “Stop music.”
  • To find out what is playing, you should ask “What’s playing?”, “What song is playing?”, or “What artist is playing?”
  • You can even set the volume by saying “Set volume at (numerical value of choice.)”

It really is that easy! If you are having trouble, Google has several help pages that can give you even more information, such as how to control Chromecast-enabled apps here

Final Thoughts

Let’s come back to our original question: does Nest Audio work with Chromecast? Hopefully, you now know that the answer is an absolute yes, Nest Audio does work with Chromecast. 

Not only does it work, but it actually has Chromecast built-in already, so all you need to do to enjoy this streaming service on your smart speaker is download the app on your phone and start enjoying, and you even have all of the necessary instructions to do so!

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