Does Lorex Have a Monthly Fee?

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Lorex is a company that provides security cameras. Lorex security cameras are affordable, easy to set up, and they have a phone app that allows you to view your security footage anywhere. Whether it be your business or home.

Does Lorex have a monthly fee? Lorex offers cameras to be used for home or business security. The cameras have motion sensors set up to record any motion events. Companies will often charge a monthly fee to enable monitoring, but Lorex security cameras do not have any monthly fees

Lorex claims high-quality recordings, long-range night vision, and they are waterproof. Most of their cameras have 4k image sensors digital noise reduction, and wide-angle lenses to provide adequate imagery should something happen. All useful traits when looking for a wallet-friendly security system.

Quality Versus Affordability

The real question when thinking about home security is the quality of the product you are purchasing, and the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. While you may not want to break the bank buying security cameras, you don’t want to spend a small amount and waste your money on a product that doesn’t work.


Lorex offers a variety of security cameras and security camera packages. So it will be hard to give you an exact example of pricing.

For example, the highest priced package includes:

  • 32 Channels
  • 32 Cameras
    • 14 Audio 2k domes
    • 14 4k domes
    • 4 2k PTZ cameras
  • 250-foot range night vision range
  • 8TB Hard Drive

The price for all of this is at the time of writing was over $8,000.

Verses the lowest priced package on their website which includes:

  • 8 Channels
  • 4 1080p Cameras
  • 150-foot range night vision range
  • 1TB Hard Drive

The price for this at the time of writing was just under $300.

You can find a lot of these packages here on Amazon as well.

Lorex home monitoring system

What you don’t spend on monthly fees, you can make up for in equipment costs. They have packages for people of all price ranges, but if you want more than 4 cameras the prices will begin to rise.


The reviews of the Lorex Security systems are mixed from website to website.

When looking through Amazon reviews they are all around 4 stars, but there are only a handful of reviews on most of the products.

However, when you look at, a website dedicated to getting unbiased reviews, it’s a completely different story. Out of 211 user reviews, they are only rated at 1.1 stars

Pros of Owning a Lorex Product

  • Lorex offers Camera System Packages
    • The ability to customize packages.
  • The camera monitor is included in the package.
  • The camera quality is great.
  • The cameras are heavy duty and built to withstand anything.
  • There is Skype Functionality.

Cons of Owning a Lorex Product

  • Limitations
    • One of the biggest limitations is the Skype feature is not compatible with Mac.
    • Also, you upload photos on to a Windows computer.
  • Not so wireless
    • The cameras all require power outlets which greatly reduces the placement.
    • The monitor requires a USB connection to the computer
  • Number of Cameras
    • There are a lot of cameras to choose from, requiring a lot of research to decide on what is the best fit for your home or business.
  • Poor customer service, many of the reviews sited poor customer service and techs that weren’t knowledgeable about the equipment (Source.)

Although there are no monthly fees with Lorex, the costs may end up being high right out of the gate due to the equipment’s cost.

  • Power Adaptors
  • PoE Switches
  • Junction Boxes
  • Extended warranty

They also offer signs and decals. You wouldn’t think they are necessary, but most people looking to rob your home or business will be dissuaded by a sign stating that this property has a security system.

Fees and Pricing

Lorex claims no monthly fees. They have a cloud to store your recordings, and it is all stored on the monitor purchased with your cameras.

There is a basic package that comes with some of the cameras that is free. It offers 10 gigabytes of cloud storage, and a 2-day video back up.

If that isn’t enough for your home or business, they also offer a bigger plan for a small monthly fee. If you want to pay monthly, it will cost $3.49. A yearly plan will cost $34.99. (Source.)

The Cloud

Before purchasing the larger plan, be aware that the cloud for Lorex does have generally negative reviews. The biggest complaints are the connections to the camera, and the customer service.

It is difficult to find good reviews in the store; however, there are a few decent reviews from people who are using it for small time security such as homes.

With the amount of money that you will spend on equipment, and maybe even monthly fees for a bigger plan, it is worth considering these negative comments.

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