Does Klarna Accept Apple Pay? How It Works

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Klarna is one of the most popular buy now, pay later services. With Klarna, you can purchase almost anything online and pay in installments instead of all at once. This is an especially convenient option for more expensive items. If you primarily use Apple Pay, you may wonder if Klarna accepts it.

Apple Pay is an acceptable form of payment to use with Klarna. In addition to Apple Pay, Klarna accepts most forms of payment, excluding prepaid credit and debit cards.

Below, we’ll discuss the specifics of using Apple Pay with Klarna. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before signing up for a Klarna payment plan!

Will Klarna Accept Apple Pay?

Klarna is a convenient way to pay for large purchases in installments over time instead of all at once. 

If you are considering using Klarna, you’ll want to be sure they accept your preferred payment method.

Klarna accepts most payment methods besides prepaid cards and credit cards. This includes Apple Pay.

How Do I Apply for Klarna? 

Before you can use Klarna to pay for online purchases in installments, you must complete the application process.

Klarna has a fairly simple application process that users can access through their website. 

To apply for Klarna, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Klarna app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Sign up for an account following the steps outlined on the app.
  • Select “Get the Klarna Card.”
  • Fill out the necessary information on the application and click “Submit.”

Each purchase you make using Klarna is subject to individual review.

Should I Get a Klarna Card?

Once your account is approved, you can use Klarna on online purchases without a Klarna card. 

However, if you want to use Klarna on in-store purchases, you will need a Klarna card.

Klarna requires card applicants to meet certain requirements. To get approved for a Klarna card, you must:

  • Be a US resident 
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a good credit score

Klarna performs a soft credit inquiry on every card applicant. This will not affect your credit score.

How Do I Add Apple Pay to Klarna?

You can add multiple payment methods to your Klarna account, including Apple Pay.  

This allows you to easily switch between payment methods as needed. 

To add your Apple Pay account to Klarna, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Klarna app and log into your account. 
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Choose “Add Card.”
  • Select “Apple Pay.” If you want to make this your primary payment method, select “Make Card Primary.”

While you can add multiple payment methods, Klarna currently does not allow users to split the cost of purchases between cards.

What Payment Plans Does Klarna Offer?

Klarna offers three payment plans with different benefits. 

Learning as much as possible about each payment plan before selecting one is essential.  

Below, we’ll discuss the payment options you can choose when you pay with Klarna.

Pay in Installments 

This option allows you to pay back purchases made through Klarna in installments over time. 

You pay 25% of the total price at the time of checkout, and the remaining costs in installments every two weeks.

Pay in Full in 30 Days

This option allows you to pay back what you owe to Klarna within 30 days. 

Paying within 30 days gives you more time to come up with the money needed to pay all at once.

Finance Larger Purchases in 6-36 Months

This is a great option for more expensive purchases. 

Financing large purchases allows you to pay installments for purchases up to $10,000 over 6-36 months.

What are the Benefits of Using Klarna?

If you are unsure about using Klarna, you may want to know about the advantages of using the service over other similar installment plans.

There are several benefits of using Klarna for online purchases. Klarna charges little to no interest and allows you to purchase more expensive items when you need them. There is no need to save up and make a larger purchase later.

Klarna Charges Little to No Interest

Depending on the payment plan you choose and your credit score, Klarna’s interest rates range from 0% to 24.99%. 

If you are charged interest, it will be added to your chosen plan at the end of the payment period.

Klarna Helps You Pay for Things Quicker

If you need to purchase an essential item quickly, Klarna is a great option. 

Only charging 25% of the price upfront, Klarna is great for buying things you need that may be out of your budget at the time of purchase. 

The multiple payment plan options Klarna offers make paying in installments even more convenient. 

In Conclusion

Klarna accepts most forms of payment, including Apple Pay. 

Klarna offers multiple payment plans for any need or budget. There are many benefits to using this service to make expensive online purchases.

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