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Does Kindle Oasis Turn Off

Last Updated May 19, 2022

The Kindle Oasis is the most eloquent e-reader you can buy on the market at the time of this writing. It has a very large and high-quality screen, display warmth is unparalleled, and the features are extensive. Unfortunately, with all of these features comes a higher price tag both in terms of the purchase price and battery use.

The Kindle Oasis does turn off. You can turn off the Kindle Oasis by going through a few motions and menu selections, leading to the device consuming far less power than if you turn it on. It is not automatic, however.

While the Oasis is unparalleled in terms of features and eloquence, it requires some work to turn it off. There are multiple ways to turn it off, and if you read on, you’ll learn how to do so, along with a few other words of guidance when utilizing your Oasis.

Does Kindle Oasis Automatically Turn Off?

There is a difference between putting the Kindle Oasis to sleep and turning it off completely. When it goes to sleep, it still consumes a small amount of power and generates a small amount of heat. If the Kindle is in a hot location, enclosed for some time, or in the sunlight, sleep mode is likely not a good option.

If the Kindle is in normal use and left in an area that isn’t excessively hot or enclosed, it is much more convenient to put it in sleep mode. To put the Oasis in sleep mode, you can simply leave it inactive for ten minutes or longer.

Amazon states that the battery life is the same whether you put it in sleep mode or turned off, and there is evidence both supporting and refuting that statement. A majority of the time, sleep mode will suffice. It may not seem like this is sleep mode, but it actually is. Because of the e-ink technology, it is consuming very little power and putting out very little heat.

The other option for putting the Oasis to sleep is to close a cover over the Kindle. The Oasis doesn’t come with an integrated cover like most other Kindle devices, but one can be purchased that fits it through Amazon or a 3rd party seller.

Should I Turn my Kindle Oasis off When not in use?

Beyond the battery use and overheating, there are other reasons for turning the Oasis off or to sleep mode when it is not in use. For starters, it is much more secure when it is actually off than when it is in sleep mode.

Putting the Kindle in sleep mode potentially keeps the 3G and WiFi modes on. There are reports of this not turning off properly, which is quite dangerous. On top of wasting battery power, it could leave the Kindle vulnerable to exploitation.

While the Kindle is a relatively safe device from a cybersecurity standpoint, leaving any device unattended and still connected to an unsecured WiFi is not a good policy to keep. If there are times in an airport or other public location, it could be left discoverable and exploitable.

How Long Does the Kindle Oasis Battery Last?

There are many, many factors as to how long the battery on the Oasis will last. The number one battery drain is from keeping it connected to WiFi, as it will automatically download updates to the software and downloaded books, typically in the evening.

If there is a desire to keep it connected to WiFi at all times, the Oasis, assuming there is a known WiFi network in range when it is powered up, will last between two and three weeks. If WiFi is turned off when not in use, it can last between 45 days and two months with typical use.

To Shut Down or not to Shut Down?

After reading the previous points, it should be obvious that two thoughts rule the day by powering down the Kindle instead of putting it to sleep. It is simply a matter of preference. However, it should be noted that there is a comment that states the process of powering down and back up actually takes more power than will be saved.

Shutting down also introduces the risk of corrupting files or losing data that wouldn’t otherwise be put at risk if simply putting the device to sleep. Powering down with a long press of the button is a disruptive process and may introduce risk to otherwise unnecessary data.

It’s Easy to Sleep

In conclusion, the Kindle Oasis is easy to put to sleep and is designed to do so. Purchasing a cover and closing the cover is the simplest method. It is a matter of personal preference whether to power it down, but it is recommended to put it to sleep instead.

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