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Does Kindle Oasis Have Color? (Plus Alternatives To Consider)

Last Updated May 6, 2022

Buying an e-reader to access hundreds of thousands of books at a click of a button is a very exciting experience for any bibliophile. Not only are more books available online than at a book retailer, but there are more indie authors too. When picking the right e-reader, it is all about style and features. Due to this, many people ask, does the Kindle Oasis have color?

The Kindle Oasis does not have a color screen. It has a black and white screen that adjusts when it senses different lighting conditions. This effect is designed to help reduce tired, dry eyes, and eye strain. The pictures will only come in black and white on e-books, magazines, and other material.

This type of screen can be a turn-off for people. Some people enjoy judging a book by its cover, and when the cover is only in black and white, it is hard to judge appropriately. There are other e-readers on the market, so don’t feel like you are stuck with one kind. Below are the benefits of the Kindle Oasis and other popular e-readers you can use to get your books in full color.

Pros and Cons of Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is a highly rated e-reader produced by Amazon. It is a sleek, modern e-reader with more intuitive features than some of its counterparts. Many people look to buy this e-reader first as it is considered high-end. Below we have the pros and cons to help you decide if it is the right e-reader for you.

Premium charging coverExpensive
Better front lightingNot waterproof or water-resistant
Page up and page down buttonsThe same screen as older models
Bluetooth capabilitiesNo color

Keep reading to learn more about these pros and cons.


  • Premium Charing Cover: A battery is incorporated into the cover, which charges the Kindle and extends the battery’s life by several months. There are three colors available: black, merlot, and walnut, and the cover has auto sleep/wake features.
  • Better Front Lighting: The Kindle Voyage was frequently criticized for its inconsistency in lighting. Amazon has added four additional LED lights (10 total) to the Kindle Oasis to address this issue.
  • Page Up and Page Down Buttons: The Kindle Oasis reintroduces page buttons after removing them from the Kindle Voyage. Many users were upset, so they brought them back.  Furthermore, the screen will automatically rotate to allow you to use the buttons with either hand.
  • Bluetooth capabilities: The Kindle Oasis also received Bluetooth capabilities in a recent update. You can pair your Bluetooth headphones to your Kindle Oasis to listen to audiobooks and much more.
  • Easy on the eyes: The Kindle Oasis was designed to be better for eyes with the different options available to control how your screen appears and your reading experience.


  • It’s Expensive: The Kindle Oasis base model, without cellular and with lesser storage, will cost a consumer $300. If a consumer whats to add in all the bells and whistles, they can look at a price that is $350 or higher. Many e-readers come in at a much lower price, so that people may look elsewhere because of the overall cost.
  • Not Water Proof Nor Resistant: Many Kindle fans had hopes that with the release of the Kindle Oasis, they would be able to get a new e-reader that was waterproof or water-resistant. This would have been convenient for bathtub reading, pool reading, or beach reading. Unfortunately, this feature was left out.
  • Same Screen: The Kindle Oasis did not have a screen update. It uses the same screen as the Paperweight and other similar e-reader counterparts that Amazon produces. This is discouraging as the price tag increased, but the screen quality wasn’t enhanced.
  • No Color: Some people like to use e-readers to read books to their children. Many children’s books are colorful in nature for development, and this removes that element. 

A Kindle Oasis is not a bad e-reader; it may not be the best fit for you. If you love Kindle, want an auto-brightness feature that is intuitive, and want cellular capabilities for access to your books at all times, then grab one. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about other amazing alternatives.

E-Reader Alternatives

There are hundreds of e-readers on the market today. Some are brand specific and only allow users access to certain libraries of books. Others have no restrictions on opening up book browsing abilities to virtually everyone. Below are the best alternative e-readers if the Kindle Oasis is not right for you:

E-Reader AlternativeWhy It’s Good
Kobo Libra H20There is no restriction on this e-book reader, which provides an excellent alternative to Kindle users, and supports a wide range of e-book formats. It is ideal for individuals who wish to possess a waterproof e-book reader, not dependent on Amazon.
Amazon Kindle Paperweight (2021)Due to top-tier features at a reasonable price, the new Kindle Paperwhite offers unmatched value for money. Anyone seeking a more affordable Kindle with full-featured capabilities should consider this option.
Kobo Clara HDFor those in need of an affordable e-book reader with a front-lit HD display and ample storage space. This e-reader is ideal for budget-conscious consumers who enjoy purchasing content in multiple formats.

There are many other great e-reader options too, but these three are the best available. They are also the most affordable options on the market to consider.

Read and Relax

If you’re considering buying a Kindle Oasis, now is the time to put one on order and begin reading. For those who enjoy reading, e-readers are a great option. So get your hands on one and indulge!