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Does Kindle Oasis Have Audio?

Last Updated May 15, 2022
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The Kindle Oasis is an incredibly popular e-reader that seems to have it all: a lightweight and stylish design, an easy-to-read screen, impressive technology, and of course, access to thousands of titles through the Amazon library. It even has the Audible app built in so you can download audiobooks, so you may be wondering: does the Kindle Oasis have audio

While the Kindle Oasis e-reader does have the capabilities of downloading audiobooks via the Audible app, the device itself does not have an audio jack or speakers. The only way to play audio with the Kindle Oasis is through the Bluetooth option to a speaker or headphones. 

If you want to learn how to use your Kindle Oasis to listen to your favorite audiobooks out loud through your Bluetooth headphones, this article is exactly what you were looking for! We are going to go through how to download audiobooks and more importantly, how to get listening to them right now! 

How to Download Audiobooks on Kindle Oasis?

Before you can begin enjoying listening to the audio on your Kindle Oasis through the Bluetooth option, you will first need to have audiobooks on your e-reader to listen to! 

Luckily, this process is incredibly simple. The Audible app is built into the Kindle Oasis, so all you need to do is sign into a WiFi network, navigate to the app, select the audiobook you wish to download, purchase and download it, and then it will automatically appear in your library unless you delete it!

Now that you have the book you want to listen to, it’s time to figure out how to use Bluetooth to do so! 

How to Use Kindle Oasis to Listen to Audio

As you now know, in order to listen to audiobooks on your Kindle Oasis, you will need to connect it to a Bluetooth device as the e-reader does not have internal speakers or a headphone or audio jack. 

However, the good news is that it is actually very easy to connect the Kindle Oasis to a Bluetooth device! And we’re going to step through the directions right now.

  • First, you need to ensure that the Kindle Oasis is connected to the same wireless network. If you have never connected your Kindle Oasis to your WiFi, you will simply need to access the WiFi section of your SETTINGS menu, select your network name, and enter your password. 
  • Next, make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on on your speakers or headphones. Every device is different, but there is usually a small button with the Bluetooth symbol on it located directly on the device!
  • Then, once again, navigate to the SETTINGS menu on your Kindle Oasis and select the option for Bluetooth. 
  • Once it is turned on, you should see a list of the available devices to pair.
  • Find your speakers or headphones and click to connect.
  • Your audiobook will now play aloud through the external device!

That’s all there is to it! So even though the Kindle Oasis does not technically come equipped with built-in audio, you can easily listen to your favorite audiobook with the Bluetooth option. 

Can The Kindle Oasis Read to Me?

Of course, even though you know that the Kindle Oasis certainly can be connected to an external device to listen to your audiobooks, you may still be wondering if there is an option for the device to read your favorite books out loud to you. 

The answer is yes! Your Kindle Oasis can read aloud to you. There is a feature called VoiceView Screen Reader that you can access in the Accessibility Settings. 

An important factor to note is that by enabling this option, your Kindle Oasis will read every text on your screen, but once you get back into the book you wish to listen to, it will simply read the book itself. 

Remember, this feature can only be used once you have followed the instructions above and connected to an external speaker device via Bluetooth as the e-reader itself has no way to play audio without it. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to e-readers, there is certainly no shortage of options on the market today. It can feel overwhelming attempting to compare the many makes and models when choosing the right device for you! 

Hopefully, you now know a bit more about the Kindle Oasis, including why it might be the best e-reader for you, and of course, what you can do in order to listen to either an audiobook or the read aloud option on this handy machine. 

Just to recap: the Kindle Oasis does not have a speaker or audio jack built in, however, you can easily connect the e-reader to an external speaker or headphones via Bluetooth just by following the directions above!

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