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Does Kindle Fire HD 10 Have Text to Speech?

Last Updated Jan 12, 2022

If you’re new to owning a Kindle, you might not know everything your device has to offer. Kindles are great for reading, and also have other great perks when you own them. The first Kindle came out in 2007, new releases have constantly contributed to making them better. The Kindle Fire HD 10 is a more recent release, but you may wonder if it has text to speech. 

Kindle Fire HD 10 has text to speech naturally, but can also be used with a third party app that will serve the same purpose. In most text to speech apps the speed is adjustable to help better understand it. Other Kindles have this feature ingrained, but not the Fire HD 10. 

Text to speech is useful for people with visual impairments, or if you want to listen to a piece of text without reading. Oftentimes for some it is easier to listen than read a long chuck of information. Kindle Fire HD 10 has many features like text to speech that make it more enjoyable to use. Text to speech is useful and easily activated with most Kindle devices. 

What Kindle Devices Have Text To Speech?

Kindle Fire HD 10 has text to speech that will translate any text on its screen and turn it into audio, and is also available with a third party app. This tool is useful for turning any large text into an audio snippet, or for people who have visual impairments. Text to speech in Kindles has not always been available, but third party apps help make this feature more accessible. 

Depending on the Kindle version you may not have text to speech, but this feature is still able to be used with the download of a third-party app. Most Kindles have text to speech to help you read text when you get tired of scanning through large paragraphs. 

List of Kindles with text to speech:

  • Fire Phone
  • Kindle Keyboard
  • Kindle DX
  • Kindle Touch
  • Kindle 2
  • Kindle Fire 2
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Kindle Fire HDX
  • Fire HD
  • Fire HDX
  • Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin

These Kindles can be used. Text to speech without having to download any third party app. The speed and voice can be changed to help you better hear it. It can easily be enabled with a few easy steps. 

How To Enable Text To Speech on Kindle

If your Kindle has text to speech it will make it easy to listen to text, and can easily be enabled. With a few steps you can turn any text into audio for you to listen to. Here’s how you enable text to speech on a Kindle Fire HD:

  1. In your Kindle Fire open the book or text you are planning to read. 
  2. In the upper right concern click the three vertical dots and select “additional settings”. 
  3. Scroll through the settings until you see text to speech and enable it. The bard next to it will be orange when turned on. 
  4. Return to your book or document that you plan on reading. 
  5. At the bottom of your screen there will be a bar that should read”Tap Play to listen to text to speech”. Press the play button in that bar to enable it. 

If you would like to learn more about Kindle Fire tablets, check out this article.

Benefits of Text to Speech

Text to speech has many uses for the visually impaired of even if you want to get through text faster. You can customize how the voice is read, and whether it is being said by a male or female to make it sound more pleasant. 

Here are some useful benefits for text to speech:

  • Makes it easier to gather information: If you are young, or have a difficult time reading TTS can make it easier to process information on a page. 
  • Listen to books on the go: Any book can be turned into an audiobook and be listened to on the go, or while you’re doing other things. 
  • Avoid eye strain: Reading for long periods can cause eye strain, but can be avoided if you’re listening to text. 
  • Helps visually impaired: Visually impaired can benefit from TTS and not rely on weak or lacking vision. 

Now you know everything about Kindle and text to speech.


Text to speech is a great tool, but sometimes it is not worth enabling. The voice can be too robotic and mispronounce words. Sometimes it is better to just read, but the Kindle Fire HD allows for you to enjoy both options. If you enjoy listening to books, most Kindles give you the option, but an app like the Google TTS is downloadable if you do not have a version for it.