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Does Insignia TV Have Chromecast?

Last Updated Apr 8, 2022
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Insignia TVs are some of the most popular on the market. Streaming is the main way people consume entertainment in the modern age, and using chrome cast is a popular way to stream media on your TV.

Some Insignia TVs have Chromecast installed, and some do not. To find out if an Insignia TV has Chromecast, it is necessary to look through the settings menu on an Insignia TV. 

Keep reading this article to walk through the steps and different methods available to cast to an Insignia TV using Chromecast.

Finding Out If You Can Use Chromecast on Your Insignia TV

Finding out if Chromecast is already installed into your Insignia TV is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below to find out.

  1. Retrieve the remote that comes with the Insignia TV
  2. Press the home button on the remote
  3. Enter your settings menu
  4. From the settings menu, enter the apps menu
  5. Select the casting option and make sure it is set to enabled

If the option is not present in the apps menu, then Chromecast is not already on the Insignia TV. If Chromecast is not available on your Insignia TV, you either must buy your Chromecast device or a streaming device with Chromecast already installed.

Setting Up a Previously Owned Chrome Cast

To set up a previously owned Chromecast, the easiest way is to perform a factory reset your Chromecast. Doing a factory reset will eliminate all user data on the device and restore the device to the original settings that it came with.

  1. Plug the Chromecast into your Insignia TV
  2. Hold down the button that is on the side of the Chromecast
  3. Wait for the blinking orange light to turn white before releasing the button
  4. The Chromecast will restart, and when it comes back on, you are free to add in your information

Factory resetting your Chromecast will only take a few minutes of your time and is the best way to set up a used Chromecast on your Insignia TV.

How to Set Up a Chromecast on your Insignia TV

Whether your Chromecast is new or used, you will set up the device to work on your insignia TV in the same way.

  1. Plug your Chromecast into your Insignia TV and into a nearby wall outlet at the same time
  2. Install the Google Home app onto your mobile device that you use to control your smart home features. The google home app is necessary to use all Google home devices like the Chromecast
  3. Open your google home app on your mobile device and follow the steps provided there.
  4. Once you are all set up, you are free to use your Chromecast device as you desire

Setting up your Chromecast on your insignia TV will be a quick and easy process. Setting up your Chromecast will usually take less than ten minutes if there aren’t any technical issues, and you will soon be watching your favorite shows in no time at all.

How to Make the Chromecast on Your Insignia TV Discoverable

To make your Chromecast and your Insignia TV discoverable, you need to go through the setup process on both devices. Once both devices are set up properly, they will be discoverable. If the setup process is not complete on either device, you will not be able to cast.

Can I Cast To My Insignia TV from my Laptop with Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast to your insignia tv with Chromecast from your laptop, but you will need to install Google chrome on our laptop. Other browsers will not be able to cast to your Chromecast.

  1. Open Google chrome on your laptop and look in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the More tab and click the option that says “cast.”
  3. If you have more than one chrome cast device in your home, double-check to make sure you are casting to the right Chromecast. Otherwise, people in your home will see what you are trying to watch on their TVs.
  4. Enjoy casting your content from your laptop.

You do not need a mobile device to cast the content you want to watch. Sometimes keeping your mobile devices with you can be a distraction, and this is when it is handy to be able to cast from your laptop.

Final Thoughts

While some Insignia TVs do not come with a Chromecast, it is easy to hook one up to your Insignia TV. It is also easy to look through your Insignia TV settings to determine if a Chromecast is already installed because some Insignia TVs do come with Chromecast. It will usually be noted on the box of the television if Chromecast is integrated into the TV already or not.