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Does Infant Optics Have Night Vision?

Last Updated Jul 11, 2022
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As the parent of a newborn baby, you feel the need to keep a watchful eye on your child. So, you’ve purchased and installed an Infant Optics baby monitor. As you learn more about the different features, you begin to wonder: does Infant Optics include night vision?

Infant Optics has a night vision feature. This feature uses infrared lights, which can only be interpreted by the baby monitor lens. Infant Optics’ night vision feature works well, and any problems can be easily spotted and rectified.

Infant Optics’ night vision is an important feature for parents who need to watch their children at night. Keep reading to learn more about using night vision!

Does Infant Optics Include a Night Vision Feature?

The newest versions of the Infant Optics DXR-8 and DXR-8 Pro baby monitors come with many desirable features. These include:

  • A 4-inch screen
  • Thermal sensors
  • Resolutions as high as 720p
  • A two-way radio that enables you to receive and transmit sound

These monitors also feature night vision, which transmits visual feeds of your little one in a dark room. Infant Optics night vision is accurate as long as you have the right settings in place. To operate night vision correctly, you must first understand how a night vision camera works.

How Does Infant Optics Night Vision Work?

At night, you turn the lights in your nursery off so your baby can enjoy peaceful rest. However, this poses a complex problem for baby monitors that only adapt to visible light. Hence, the need for infrared lights and night vision.

LEDs (Light-emitting Diodes) from the night vision camera illuminate the room. The camera picks up images through these invisible specs of light and transmits them into a visual feed. It should be noted that LEDs are invisible to the human eye, but very much visible to the camera. You can increase the infrared light through your monitor settings to get a better view of your baby.

However, there are times when the camera doesn’t have enough lighting to illuminate your baby’s dark room. In such cases, getting a smart lightbulb that emits infrared lights is the best solution. LIFX+ light bulbs are often a good choice for these purposes.

Like all infrared lights, the light this bulb emits is invisible to the naked eye but very bright to your camera when night vision mode is active. This will enhance the visual strengths of your Infant Optics baby monitor.

Why Isn’t My Infant Optics Night Vision Working?

Have you tried watching over your baby at night, only to see nothing on your monitor but a blank screen? Don’t panic! This is likely a minor problem that only requires a minor and quick solution.

If your Infant Optics night vision does not work, there are a few things you need to cross off the list before settling for a return and refund:

  • Batteries. Before using your baby monitor for the first time, initial use, let your camera batteries charge for 4 hours or more, depending on what the manual says. If the problem persists, check and change the batteries if necessary.
  • Power supply. If the power source of your camera is shaky or low, your night vision will be affected. Check to be sure your power adapter is securely plugged in and provides sufficient power to the monitor.
  • Refer to your manual. Your baby monitor guide will instruct you on restoring your monitor to default settings, eliminating any issues causing night vision to malfunction.

In addition to the above points, you should avoid using third-party battery chargers, batteries, or any product that does not come with the Infant Optics package. These are all things that can damage your baby monitor.

Is Infant Optics Night Vision Hack-Proof?

Nothing is more important than protecting your baby monitor’s camera from unauthorized access. Due to its limited Wi-Fi range, Infant Optics’ camera and night vision feature cannot be hacked. The feed will always be transmitted to your monitor screen uninterrupted.

Are Infrared Lights Harmful to Your Baby?

Consider infrared lights to be the same as visible light. The only difference is that infrared lights are only visible in the dark. Neither visible nor infrared light is harmful to your baby’s health or vision.

Since Infant Optics night vision uses infrared lighting, some parents become concerned about radiation exposure. However, you shouldn’t be alarmed. Infrared energy is just the same as body heat and room temperature. It does not regulate temperature and cannot interfere with your baby’s well-being. Like phones and CCTV cameras, night vision does not pose a real threat to your baby’s health.


Infant Optics DXR-8 and DXR-8 Pro baby monitors feature night vision to allow you to see your child in a dark room. With a feature as revolutionary as this, Infant Optics brings your child’s welfare to the forefront.

We live in a computerized world, and as such, high-tech devices that enable you to watch your child in a dark environment from a distance are a comfort to every home. Infant Optics provides parents with this comfort.

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