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Does Hulu Have as Much Anime as Crunchyroll?

Last Updated Dec 30, 2022
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If you’re an avid anime watcher, you might be wondering what platform to subscribe to so you can watch as much anime as possible. Hulu and Crunchyroll are both popular platforms for anime. 

Crunchyroll has more anime than Hulu. Most of the content library is anime whereas Hulu has all genres and many other movies and TV shows to watch

So how do you decide which platform to subscribe to? Crunchyroll is a perfect option for those that only want to watch anime and don’t plan to watch movies or shows in other categories. 

Hulu VS Crunchyroll Anime

Many people were excited when Hulu added anime since they can now watch anime on the same platform as all their other shows. This means one less subscription to pay. 

Crunchyroll is the more obvious choice for those that only watch anime. It has anime movies and shows for all ages so everyone in your home can enjoy them. 

However, there are many things to take into consideration before choosing one platform over the other. We will discuss some of the main differences below. 


With such a loyal fan base, you can be sure anime lovers value their Crunchyroll subscription.  However, in the last few years, Hulu has begun licensing anime. 

Here is a comparison between the two streaming platforms’ subscriber counts:

  • It has over 5 million subscribers all of whom love watching anime.
  • Hulu has more than 45 million subscribers with endless genres and choices to choose from. 

Now, let’s see about their audience reachability.

Audience Reachability

One thing to note though is that you can only use Hulu if you are located in the US.

 If you live in another country, you won’t be able to use Hulu to access anime content. 

Crunchyroll Anime Library 

When trying to choose the platform for anime watching only, make sure you factor in the size of the content library. 

Crunchyroll has over 2000 anime shows to choose from. Since Crunchyroll exclusively has anime, they offer more shows and episodes compared to Hulu. They also have live-action anime from East Asian dramas. 

Crunchyroll licenses many of its shows from Japan to bring you all the biggest anime hits. They have also produced some of their own shows that can only be viewed on their platform including:

  • The God of High School
  • Fena: Pirate Princess 
  • Tower of God
  • Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You 

Now, let’s take a look at Hulu’s anime library.

Hulu Anime Library

While Crunchyroll is the obvious choice for most anime content, Hulu still has a lot to offer. 

Over the last few years, they have added more than 300 anime series. They have older anime shows as well as newer ones. They do not produce or make any of their own anime as Crunchyroll does. 

Some of the most-watched anime shows on Hulu include:

  • Hunter x Hunter 
  • Naruto and Boruto 
  • Dragon Ball Demon Slayer 
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 

Now, let’s take a look at the different streaming options for both.

Crunchyroll Streaming Options 

Crunchyroll is perfect for larger families who all watch anime since people can stream their own shows from their own rooms. 

Depending on your subscription, Crunchyroll allows you to concurrently stream two to six shows. 

You don’t ever have to fight over who gets to use the platform since all family members can watch at the same time. 

Hulu Streaming Options

If you have more people in the house, streaming with Hulu is not ideal.

Hulu only offers two concurrent streams even if you have the most expensive plan. 

Since Hulu offers more than just anime, the non anime lovers in your home will also try to use the app. This can cause family fights since everyone might be home at the same time wanting to watch their shows. 

Hulu does allow you to add on more streams for an extra charge. You will need to buy the most expensive plan and then spend more for stream add-ons. 

Here is more information about the subscription plans for Hulu and Crunchyroll. 

Subscription Plans 

Crunchyroll has three different plans to choose from. Each plan gives you a 14-day free trial. You can also watch anime just one hour after it has been released on TV in Japan with all the plans. 

Here are Hulu and Crunchyroll’s subscription plans compared:

  • Crunchyroll: The plans range in price from $7.99 per month to $14.99. If you don’t mind ads, you can even use Crunchyroll for free. 
  • Hulu: They only have two plans to choose from. You can pay $6.99 per month with ads or $12.99 per month without ads. 

You can also use Hulu for 30 days free of charge. This is a perfect way to check out their selection of anime and see if there are enough choices for you. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall Crunchyroll has much more anime than Hulu since they offer more than 2000 shows including ones they have produced themselves. They also offer more steaming and subscription choices. 

Crunchyroll is the obvious choice for anime lovers who spend most of their content streaming time watching anime. Hulu might be a better choice though for people who love anime but still want access to other genres of movies and shows.