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Does Hello Baby Monitor Need WiFi or Internet to Work?

Last Updated Aug 9, 2022

Searching for a baby monitor to keep an eye on your little one is a tough decision with so many options in the market. Understanding some of the key features is extremely important when making this decision and with many considerations to look at, you may be wondering specifically about WiFi or Internet needs. Does Hello Baby Monitor need WiFi or Internet to work?

The latest Hello Baby Monitor version, which is the HB6550 does not need WiFi or internet to work.

The convenience of not being tied to the internet or a WiFi connection makes this a great option, especially when taking your little one on the go where you may not be able to connect to the internet. There is, however, plenty to understand and consider to know if this is the right option for you. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Does Hello Baby Monitor Need WiFi or Internet to Work?

Hello Baby is among the most trusted monitor options in the baby gear industry. Knowing exactly how they work is a key aspect to understanding if it is the right baby monitor for you when you’re looking to keep an eye on your little one.

The latest model, the Hello Baby HB6550, does not require Wifi or internet connection to work.  Instead, it uses technology that operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency, similar to microwave waves.  This means it can work anywhere you bring the camera and video monitor together.

This is really helpful to know when purchasing to ensure it will properly work and that you can still have peace of mind that your monitor will work, but is it the right choice for you? There are a lot of factors to consider in making that decision! 

What Is the Difference Between a WiFi and Non-Wifi Baby Monitor?

Many current baby monitors work on WiFi or through the internet by connecting to a local router in your home. From there, it transmits a signal that is accessed on a provided monitor or even through a secure app on your phone.  

Baby monitors that work on radio frequencies, such as the Hello Baby HB6550, don’t need ]internet connection but only transmit video or sound imagery directly to the video monitor provided with the camera.

Which Is Better For You: WiFi Or Non-WiFi Baby Monitors?

Internet connected monitors offer convenience to keep an eye on things from nearly anywhere in the world, but may not work well without reliable internet or if the internet is out for some reason. 

Radio based monitors offer the ability to travel freely without password or connectivity issues, but have limited distances for the viewing monitor.

Most people may know after just that small bit of information which one is right for them, usually based on their lifestyle. However, there are also safety considerations to take into account, from hackers to radiation, that should always be taken into consideration.

Can Hello Baby Monitor Be Hacked?

The idea that hackers may gain access to their babies’ video monitor has become a growing fear of parents across the globe. Frightening stories have cropped up all over saying hackers have spied on families or even directly communicated with the children and scaring them.

The good news is that, because the Hello Baby monitor doesn’t use a Wifi or internet connection, it’s very unlikely for it to be hacked.  Because the radio monitors use specific frequencies, it makes it more difficult as they need to not only be in range, but know the frequency of your monitor.

That being said, there is always a chance, but by using a monitor that works off of radio frequencies instead of the internet, you’re able to lower the risk associated with hackers.  That being said, if privacy and security are top of mind for you – this may be a great option.

Do Radio-Powered Baby Monitors Give off Radiation?

While a less common concern as of recent, radiation from equipment like a baby monitor creating health risks, has its own place in this discussion.  Parents aim to keep their little ones safe at all costs and knowing if using a monitor, like the Hello Baby HB6550 which uses radio waves, will expose their little one to unnecessary and potentially harmful radiation, is important..

While there is always a chance that new research could uncover unexpected results or changes to what we know now, a study by the World Health Organizations has currently stated that “there is no evidence to conclude that exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health.”

For parents seeking a secure, travel friendly video monitor that is also safe for their little ones, this key information will surely put their minds at rest. 


Knowing that the Hello Baby HB6550 monitor does not need an internet connection or WiFi to work will be a relief to many parents seeking a travel friendly baby monitor option.