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Does Google Home Work with Chamberlain myQ?

Last Updated Oct 23, 2021
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In our digital age, homeowners have many opportunities to create and customize their smart homes. You can control lighting, doors, security, temperature, and more with simple and easy-to-use devices like the ones made by Chamberlain myQ.

The Chamberlain myQ integrates with Google Assistant devices (including Google Home, Google Home Hub, and more).

Learn about integrating myQ products with your Google Home, as well as some other devices that will work with myQ smart garage door products.

Does the Chamberlain myQ Work with Google Home?

Chamberlain is a manufacturer mostly known for their garage door openers, remote controls, and other garage accessories. Recently, however, they have started manufacturing smart technology to go with these garage accessories so you can control your home no matter where you are—all through a quick and convenient smartphone app.

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This year, Chamberlain has started offering its premium subscription to device owners free of charge for a limited time. This membership allows device users to integrate Google Home and other certified partners with their devices for free.

Included in Chamberlain’s featured myQ Partners is the Google Assistant. You can now link your myQ products to your Google Home products to use voice commands to control your garage door and lights.

Use the command, “OK Google,” to check if your garage door is open, or tell Google to turn lights on or off in your home.

How to Integrate Google Home with Chamberlain myQ Devices

To integrate your Google Home account with your myQ account, you need to have both the myQ and Google Assistant apps downloaded on your smartphone.

Linking to Google Assistant is a premium service from Chamberlain and requires a monthly or annual subscription. Fortunately, Chamberlain is offering that subscription for free for a limited time.

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To activate your Google Assistant myQ subscription:

  1. Login to
  2. Enter your login credentials and select Authenticate.
  3. Select Add Subscription.
  4. Choose from the list which Premium Partner you want to subscribe to.
  5. Select a monthly or annual billing cycle.
  6. Enter your billing information and select Place Order.

After you complete these steps, your subscription will be active and you can use Google Assistant to remotely control your Chamberlain myQ products.

Follow these steps to continue setup in the myQ app:

  1. Click the menu in the top left corner.
  2. Select Works with myQ.
  3. Find Google Assistant in Account Linking. Either select to launch the Google Assistant app, or download the app on your smartphone.

Follow these steps in the Google Assistant app:

  1. Use the voice command, “Ok Google, talk to myQ.”
  2. You can also select the blue menu button in the upper right corner. Under Explore, type myQ into the search bar.
  3. Select Talk to myQ.
  4. Click the word Link by the myQ symbol. You can also scroll down to Account Linking and select Link there.
  5. On the myQ authentication page, enter your myQ credentials and click Authenticate.
  6. When the steps have been completed correctly, you will be redirected back to the Google Assistant app.

About myQ Products

Chamberlain myQ products vary to help you protect, monitor and manage your home from anywhere through their app. These smart accessories include:

  • Smart LED lights to brighten and dim as you please
  • Home Bridge to connect a garage door that doesn’t have WiFi connectivity
  • Interior light switches to remotely control your lights
  • Smart Garage hub to open and close your garage door remotely

With Chamberlain, you can control the garage door from anywhere through their smartphone app on iPhone and Android devices. Users can also receive alerts and notifications about the status of their garage door.

For example, you can receive notifications if your garage door was accidentally left open. The myQ smart scheduling feature can automatically open and close the garage door or control lights depending on the time of day.

Wondering if your garage door is compatible with myQ devices? You can use their online tools to determine whether your existing garage door is compatible with the myQ Smart Garage Hub. Most garage doors are compatible with myQ if they were made after 1993.

myQ Partners: Other Smart Devices You Can Connect to Your myQ Products

The Chamberlain myQ devices are helpful to homeowners who want to protect and manage their households from anywhere.

It’s even more beneficial to users when the devices are compatible with other smart home products you already have in your home. This easy integration is the beauty of much smart home technology.

In addition to the Google Assistant, there is a full list of other smart devices and products that you can integrate with myQ, called myQ Partners.

Take a look at some of the other myQ products that seamlessly integrate with their garage door openers and lighting devices:

Key by Amazon

Amazon Key is an in-home or in-car delivery service, allowing package handlers and delivery workers to gain access to your home, PO Box, or car trunk at specific times.

To use this service, Amazon customers must purchase a kit from Amazon, but you can also integrate this system with myQ smart garage products.

Are you eligible for Key by Amazon? Certain Amazon Prime members in select cities have the option of safe and secure in-garage delivery with myQ.

Check your Amazon account to find out if this service is available to you. Then, you can link your myQ account with your Amazon Key account to have your Amazon packages delivered conveniently to your garage.

Amazon will authorize the delivery and open your garage door, allowing the package handler to drop off your order.

You’ll get an alert that lets you know your package has been delivered safely and that your garage is closed. You can also add a compatible smart camera to monitor your garage to know your packages and your home is safe.

Apple Home Kit

If you’re not a Google user, but prefer Apple products, you also have the ability to integrate with your preferred devices! myQ users also have the capability to integrate the Apple Home Kit with myQ products.

This allows users to activate and control devices with Siri voice control. You can ask Siri the status of your myQ products. Or, you can create scenes that control multiple devices in a group all at once.

You can even create schedules that set certain devices to activate based on triggers. For instance, you can set your thermostat to turn on your home’s heat when you open the garage door.

More Products You Can Integrate with myQ

myQ is growing the ways their users can connect the devices in their home. Here’s a list of other devices and smart home technology that integrate with myQ devices:

  • home security system
  • Clare Controls home monitoring
  • Resideo security system and lights
  • IFTTT triggers
  • Tend cameras
  • Wink smart home devices
  • Xfinity Home devices
  • Evolved Vehicle Environments in your Telsa vehicle
  • Alpine Electronics in-dash controls in your car

Explore the Possibilities with Your Google Home Hub

The possibilities are endless when it comes to growing your smart home! Homeowners and their families can feel even more secure that their home is safe, warm, and connected. Keep reading articles on our site to learn about new smart home devices you may have never heard of before.

Manufacturers are making it easier than ever before to seamlessly integrate products with each other so you can give simple voice commands whether you’re home or not!

No matter who you are or what your needs are, you’re sure to find smart home products that could benefit your household.

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