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Does Galaxy Watch 3 Have a Temperature Sensor?

Last Updated Jun 29, 2022
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes highly recommended by a lot of people because of how it combines beauty with smarts alongside its numerous faces to choose from and amazing features. But that hasn’t stopped people from wondering if it has a temperature sensor that can help detect changes in temperature.

There is no denying what a Galaxy Watch 3 is capable of doing. It has a built-in mechanism for measuring oxygen, an ECG monitoring sensor, and can measure and track the blood pressure of its user. Despite its innumerable features, the Galaxy Watch 3 does not have a temperature sensor.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 does not have a temperature sensor, that doesn’t take anything away from the other breathtaking features that it possesses. So if you’re looking to find out, keep reading to discover what these features are, and also learn about alternative smartwatches that have an on-wrist temperature sensor.

What Model of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Has a Temperature Sensor?

In the existing lineup of Samsung smartwatches, none of these watches have an on-wrist temperature sensor yet. However, it has been suspected that Samsung plans on adding a body temperature sensor in their upcoming Galaxy watch 5 series. They aren’t really far behind, because not many smartwatches actually have this feature.

Although there have been claims that Samsung plans on adding the temperature-sensing feature to its future wearables, it has been reported that they’ve been experiencing issues with their body reading algorithm, so this may not happen this year. It is still very unclear as to when exactly Samsung plans on adding this software component to its future models.

Do Smartwatches Have a Temperature Sensor?

Because all the watches in the Samsung Galaxy are unable to detect changes in body temperature, it doesn’t mean that smartwatches in general are unable to do this. There are some smartwatches that have an in-built software for temperature detection.

These watches come with a dedicated temperature sensor that can help their users by monitoring and recording slight changes in the body temperature and also keep them informed about these changes.

Examples of Smart Watch That Have Temperature Sensors

If a temperature sensor is something that you cannot do without, and you’re looking to buy a smartwatch with this feature, here are three great options that will be worth your money.

  1. TicWatch GTH smartwatch
  2. Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch
  3. Smart Watch, CHOKOVIE Fitness Tracker

TicWatch GTH smartwatch

The TicWatch GTH smartwatch comes fully equipped with a temperature sensor that monitors the skin temperature 24 hours long. It has blood oxygen, and heart rate monitoring in-built sensors that record trends that are easy to view over time.

This device is also water-resistant, with a 5ATM water-resistance rating. This means that you can take it virtually everywhere with you, in the snow, on a run, and even in the swimming pool without the fear of water damage. However, it is good to note that this watch isn’t suitable for taking into the shower and using it during high-pressure activities.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

The Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch has an EDA scan app that detects electrodermal activities, which in turn may detect your body’s response to stress. It also has an ECG app that records the heart rhythm and takes note of any irregularity. If incase there is an irregularity it has high and low heart rate notifications to alert you if yours seems above or below your average

Its on-wrist skin temperature sensor tracks your temperature at night, and also your nightly blood oxygen level so you can see how they each vary individually. The Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch is also very compatible with Google assist and Alexa so with it you can easily monitor all your other smart devices.

Smart Watch, CHOKOVIE Fitness Tracker

The CHOKOVIE Fitness Tracker Smart Watch is for all genders, and it comes with a .54-inch HD clear color touch screen, that enables you to freely glide your fingers across its screen as it enables ease of usage.

Its high-precision body temperature monitor performs round-the-clock body temperature measurements. It also has a 24-hours whole day activity tracker that monitors your movements in 24 hours, enabling you to keep fit and make fitness plans within the app.

With this purchase, you have a 12-month guarantee and it also allows you to receive calls or alerts from various social media platforms. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d like then you can always contact their customer care service for prompt action.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy watch 3 does not have a temperature sensor, however, it looks like Samsung may soon introduce this feature to their smartwatches. Although none of the smartwatches in Samsung’s current lineup has this feature, there are other smartwatches that do.