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Does Fire TV Cube Work With Xfinity?

Last Updated Dec 8, 2021

The Fire TV Cube, Amazon’s convenient and streamlined media player that combines the best of the Amazon Echo with the best of the Fire TV 4K, can provide endless hours of easy entertainment. It enables hands-free control of devices that are connected to your TV, but you may be wondering which cable boxes it works with.

The Fire TV Cube does work with Xfinity cable boxes. This compatibility allows it to connect to an Xfinity device either through hands-free voice control with Alexa or with the Alexa Voice Remote. The connection between the Fire TV Cube and Xfinity products can be explored in different ways.

If you have a Fire TV Cube and Xfinity credentials, you may want to know if the two work well together. Read on to find out more about how compatible the Fire TV Cube is with Xfinity.

Does Fire TV Cube Work With Xfinity?

The Fire TV Cube was created by Amazon to go beyond the previous pairing of the Amazon Echo and the Fire TV 4K. It offers hands-free control through Alexa and can connect to devices plugged into your TV. Xfinity, also known as Comcast, is a telecommunications service provider specializing in cable boxes and internet.

Fire TV Cube works with Xfinity products. They are compatible and the Fire TV Cube allows the Xfinity cable boxes to have even more functionality. There is now also an Xfinity stream app that can be used on all Fire TVs.

You can use the Fire TV Cube’s powerful eight microphones to interact with Xfinity cable boxes. You will be able to control the TV either through full hands-free interaction via Alexa or by using the Alexa Voice Remote if you need to be quiet.

How Do You Connect Fire TV Cube With Xfinity?

If you’re purchasing an Xfinity cable box and want to make absolutely sure that the particular model you want is compatible with the Fire TV Cube, there’s an easy way to check. Look up the Amazon device compatibility page and make sure to look at the correct Fire TV Cube.

There are currently two generations released, one from 2017 and one from 2019. Both have different compatibilities.

Once you have established that the two devices are compatible, you will be good to go as soon as your cable box or satellite receiver arrives. When it does, follow the next steps to complete the setup:

  1. With the Fire TV Cube and the Xfinity device connected to the TV, go to Settings.
  2. Then pick Equipment Control, followed by Add Equipment.
  3. At this point, you will be asked to provide several details. Put in your zip code and your cable provider.
  4. The TV will then switch to the Xfinity source.
  5. To confirm that the switch has been made and that the Fire TV Cube is operating as it should, make sure to press the fast forward button on the Alexa Voice Remote when you are prompted to. Alexa will then confirm that the devices are successfully connected.

If you can’t immediately find the new input on the TV, take your time to go through all the available ones; The Fire TV Cube doesn’t always make the new one easy to discover. For most types of Xfinity cable boxes or receivers, you may have to use the Fire TV Cube’s infrared blaster before you add the device.

How to Control Xfinity Cable Box with Fire TV Cube

Once you have finished setting up your Xfinity cable box with your Fire TV Cube, you may be wondering how to best take advantage of their compatibility. Primarily, the Fire TV Cube will allow you to have hands-free control through Alexa.

The main perk the Fire TV Cube has when used with an Xfinity box or receiver is that it will allow you to change the channels from wherever you are in the room without having to use a remote.

You can use Alexa to tune in to a specific Xfinity cable channel, or tell it to switch to cable from a different input. This will streamline the process of interacting with your cable box. If necessary, you can also use the Alexa Voice Remote to perform these tasks.

Which Streaming Device Is Best for Xfinity?

Unsurprisingly, the Fire TV Cube tends to be mentioned as one of the best streaming devices to pair up with an Xfinity cable box or receiver. The compatibility, easy setup process, and convenient functionality make these two different devices a great match.

Since 2020, you don’t even need to have a cable box to connect to Xfinity cable through the Fire TV Cube. The brand now has a streaming app that is available for the Fire TV that removes the need for any other physical devices.


The Fire TV Cube does work with Xfinity, and they enjoy great compatibility together. The Cube can make the Xfinity more functional in more convenient ways. Once it is set up correctly, it will let you tune in to your favorite channel just by using your voice.