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Does Fire TV Cube Work with Virgin Media?

Last Updated Nov 23, 2021
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Virgin Media is a popular streaming site enjoyed by 3.4 million people worldwide Many individuals in the UK rely on Virgin Media as their main source of entertainment. While Virgin Media provides entertainment, many wonders from which devices you can stream.

You can stream Virgin Media with a Fire TV Cube, but it is not as simple as plugging the device in and pushing play. If you choose to do this, there are several steps you will need to follow.

In this article, you will learn how you can stream Virgin Media through your Fire TV Cube device. Read on to find out more!

Virgin Media Streaming

Virgin Media is a unique streaming service because it does not tie itself to many popular streaming devices. Virgin Media is its unique entity that relies on streaming directly from an internet connection, App, or Virgin TV Box. Because of this, you need to be prepared to work around these services to use your Fire TV Cube.

Is it Compatible with Fire TV Cube?

If you have experience with Fire TV Cube, you know that it is an Amazon-based streaming service, which means it is typically limited to Amazon Apps. Virgin Media has its app that you stream from. Unfortunately, this app is not available in the Amazon App store, but there are ways to access Virgin Media with your Fire TV Cube.

How Can I Access Virgin Media with My Fire TV Cube?

Although the Virgin Media app is not available for download from Amazon, you can access the app by downloading a third-party app called Downloader. This will then allow you to download the Virgin Media App.

What is Downloader?

The Downloader App is unique because it allows your tv and remote to become a giant computer screen without the keyboard essentially.  When you use Downloader, you will enter website addresses and download materials from the internet onto your tv.

Virgin Media is available on a web-based browser, so this is an optimal way to avoid having access to the actual app.

Is Downloader Safe?

Downloading third-party apps can be a dangerous practice if you are not familiar with the app. The good news is that the Downloader app is perfectly safe, but you must use caution. Remember, the downloader allows your Fire TV Cube to essentially act as a computer with access to any video you want online.

Just as you would use caution when downloading videos to your laptop or desktop, you must do the same when downloading content with the Downloader App. If you are not cautious, a virus or malware may likely make it onto your Fire TV Cube.

Can I Control Virgin Media with My Fire Cube TV Remote?

Once you have downloaded Virgin Media through the browser, you will be able to use your Fire TV Cube the way you would for any app on the device. You may find it is a learning curve when you begin using Virgin Media, but it should not be too challenging.

What is The Process for Installing Downloader and Virgin Media?

Installing the Downloader App may not be the easiest thing you have ever done, but it is possible to do. You need to prepare to be patient and take your time as you move through the process. It is also very important that you follow each step completely, or the download will not be successful.


In your TV, you will need to choose the Fire TV Cube option to open the settings for the device. Once you have opened the Fire TV Cube option, you must select developer options and make sure “allowing apps from outside services” is turned on.


Once you have all the settings correctly enabled, you are ready to download the Downloader app. After the app is correctly installed, you will be able to choose the browser option and begin downloading Virgin Media.

Is it Worth It?

After seeing the process, you will need to access Virgin Media on your Fire TV Cube; you may be wondering if all the hassle is worth it. Many people prefer Virgin Media to some other streaming services for a couple of distinct reasons.

·         Speed

·         Reliability

However, if you are happy with your current options and do not want to go through all the hassle of getting Virgin Media on your Fire TV Cube, then you will be just as happy without it.

Final Thoughts

Virgin Media is becoming a popular option and is easily accessible in some areas, but it will require extra effort to utilize the service on a Fire TV Cube. With the help of the third-party app Downloader, you will be able to use the service. If you do not trust or want to use third-party apps, you cannot use Fire TV Cube for Virgin Media. 

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