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Does Fire TV Cube Work With Spectrum?

Last Updated Nov 16, 2021

Streaming TV has been wonderful as each passing day comes with new services, options, and big-name tech companies rolling out TV-compatible devices to enjoy our favourite movies even more. So now, the question on the mind of anybody with a Spectrum TV app subscription is, “Does Fire TV Cube Work With Spectrum?”

Yes. Amazon’s Fire TV Cube was built to synchronize neatly with many steaming apps, and since Spectrum TV allows you to watch 245+ channels and more than 320,000 shows, you can bet that Amazon will take some of that action.

In 2020, Amazon’s Fire Sticks were one of the very best solutions; their general design placed them behind the TV – so it made aesthetic sense. They also offered Alexa voice and TV control and came with a long list of streaming apps, and the best part was that it was so cheap for the goodness it brought. 

Fire TV Cubes Are Easy to Use

This year, Amazon took a step forward with the Amazon Fire TV Cube: a 3.4-inch square box that allows you to check the weather predictions, organize our shopping lists, catch up on the latest sports scores, look out for traffic congestions, and set up playlists, like almost any other device with full Alexa integration but made for enjoying streaming TVs on TVs. 

There’s so much more you need to know more about how to set it all up and what will be required for a good watching experience, so keep scrolling, while reading of course.

How to Install the Amazon Fire TV Cube with Spectrum TV

The Fire TV Cube, just like all generations of the Fire Stick, is an Android device, so what you’re essentially doing is installing an app on your Cube:

  1. First, connect your Fire TV Cube to your TV and make sure it’s connected to your in-home WiFi network. 
  2. Once you turn the Cube on, you’ll need to sign in using your Amazon username and password.
  3. After the sign-in, you’ll need to download the latest version of your Spectrum TV App from the device’s app store.
  4. Next, log in with your Spectrum password and username to use your Spectrum subscription. If you don’t have a Spectrum account, you can learn that rocket science formula here. You should know that you’ll need to wait 24-72 hours before signing in to any TV apps after creating your Spectrum username.

Note: You can log in using your TWC ID username and password for Spectrum customers with Time Warner Cable credentials. However, if you have Bright House Networks credentials, you can use your legacy BHN username and password while logging in.

Installing Spectrum Tv App using Third-Party options

Because the Spectrum Tv App cannot be installed directly, there are various Third Party installation options that you can use to install the app on your Fire Tv Cube alternatively.

Before we proceed to these Third-Party options, there are a few things you need to first put in place before installation:

  1. Activate the Fire Cube device and go to the “settings” option.
  2. Click on “My Fire TV” from the options.
  3. You’ll see a “Developer Option” icon on the list that appears. Proceed to click on it.
  4. Go to “Apps From Unknown Sources” and click on it. That means you are giving your device permission to install the app from Third-Party tools.

Once you have completed this simple task, you can now install the Spectrum Tv App using a third-party tool. Some of the methods through which you can do this are as follows;

Installing Spectrum Tv App on Fire Tv Cube using ES File Explorer

Downloading the Spectrum Tv app on your Fire Tv Cube using the ES File Explorer shouldn’t be difficult if you follow the guidelines below.

Firstly, you must have the ES File Explorer app on your Fire Tv Cube. If you do not have it already, here’s a step by step procedure for installing it on your Fire Tv device:

  1. Search for ES File Explorer on your Fire TV Cube.
  2. Click on “Get/Download” on the ES File Explorer. 
  3. The app will show on the Fire Tv Cube and download.
  4. Remember to allow permission for Third-Party tools as mentioned above.
  5. Once the app is installed, launch the ES File Explorer app on Fire Tv Cube and go to “Home.”
  6. On the “Home” page, go to the downloader option, click on add and copy and paste this link 
  7. Click on the “Download Now” option and wait for the APK to download
  8. Once it’s done, click on the Spectrum Tv app and install it. Your Fire Tv Cube can now be used to access the Spectrum Tv app.

Now, let’s see how to install it using an app.

Installing Spectrum Tv App on Fire Tv Cube using Downloader App

Another third party tool you can use for installing the Spectrum Tv App is the Downloader app. That is another easy alternative to installing the app, but first, you must download the Downloader app to your Fire Tv Cube by searching for it on your Fire Tv Cube.

After successfully installing the app, the following steps will help you install the Spectrum Tv App with the Downloader app:

  1. Launch the Downloader app from your Fire Tv Cube device
  2. Paste the link and click on “Go.”
  3. The APK will download, and afterwards, you can click on the Spectrum Tv APK file and install it
  4. When the installation is complete, you can start using the Spectrum Tv app on your Fire Tv Cube.

Now you know how to use the Fire TV Cube with Spectrum.


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