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Does Fire TV Cube Support Dolby Atmos?

Last Updated Nov 14, 2021
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The Amazon Fire TV Cube is an upgrade from the widely known and used Fire Stick. It allows you to access all of Amazon’s streaming services and more for your television and home. But can you use this upgraded technology with Dolby Atmos for improved listening to go with your improved viewing tech?

The Fire TV Cube does support Dolby Atmos. To enjoy your Fire TV Cube with the great listening experience of Dolby Atmos, you just need to follow the process to connect the Fire TV Cube to Dolby Atmos.

Now that you know there’s a better listening experience waiting for you once you’ve connected your Fire TV Cube and Dolby Atmos, it’s time to make it happen! Keep reading for all you need to know about Fire TV Cube and Dolby Atmos.

Setting Up Your Fire TV Cube and Dolby Atmos

Before you can connect your Fire TV Cube and Dolby Atmos, you need to successfully install the Fire TV Cube.

Follow these steps to set it up:

  • Place your Fire TV Cube near the TV, but one to two feet away from any speakers.
  • Plug one end of the HDMI cord into your television and the other end into the Fire TV Cube.
  • Plug the power cord into the wall outlet and then the other end into the Fire TV Cube.
  • Put batteries into Fire TV remote.
  • Turn on your television and select the correct HDMI port that you plugged the Cube into.
  • Sync your remote to the TV holding the home button.
  • Follow the prompt on the TV to connect your Fire TV cube to the Wifi.

Connecting Fire TV Cube to Dolby Atmos

The following are the steps to connecting the Fire TV cube to Dolby Atmos feature for use:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone or tablet.
  • Press + simple and go to “Setup Audio System.”
  • Select the “Home Cinema” option.
  • Select the fire TV you want to connect to (your Cube).
  • Follow prompts to connect to your speakers.

Your system will now be all setup and ready to go! Note that your sound will come out of your speaker device now and not out of the TV.

This can be changed by changing the settings on your television. Note the quality difference between using your speaker device instead of just using television speaker volume.

Should I Buy a Speaker Device with Dolby Atmos to Pair to My Cube?

Whether you should invest in an external speaker for a surround sound experience is a personal preference. It is important to keep in mind what you intend to use for Amazon TV Cube for and how important quality surround sound is to you and your household.

Many people prefer purchasing a surround sound speaker with Dolby Atmos for a more realistic listening experience when watching movies or playing games. Do your research to see what works best for your household.

Fire Stick Versus Fire TV Cube

So, what is the big difference between the Fire Stick and the Fire TV Cube? The average price for the Fire Stick is around 50$, whereas the Fire Cube runs about 100$. The Fire TV Cube supports 4K resolution, whereas the Fire Stick does not. This means you can watch your favorite shows and programs in higher quality on the Cube than you could with the Firestick.

The Fire Cube also has more storage, memory, and a faster processor than the Firestick. These are all things to keep in mind when purchasing and thinking about which device is best for you. It all comes down to how important quality, memory, and time matter when getting a device for viewing and streaming purposes.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have decided on a device and have installed it properly, you are ready to stream your favorite movies, shows, and more using the Fire TV Cube and your speaker system utilizing Dolby Atmos.

Make sure to check with your local provider or amazon consultant to see what system is the best fit for you and your household. You can now set up your favorite amazon services on your devices, such as Prime Video and more.

You can also watch your favorite streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, CNN, FOX, ABC, and so many more with the use of this device. Now your family can watch all their favorites in one place with the most optimal viewing and surround sound listening experience. Happy streaming!