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Does Fire TV Cube Have a USB Port?

Last Updated Jun 28, 2022

You might look at the back of your Fire TV Cube and wonder if that little slot is good for anything other than powering your device. One common question new users may have is whether the device has a USB port compatible with other devices.

The Fire TV Cube has a micro USB-C port on the back that lets you use a wired connection to access streaming services. If you purchase a micro USB-C adapter, you can use your Fire TV Cube to charge your phone and power other devices (like your Amazon Alexa).

Continue reading to learn more about Fire TV Cube’s micro USB-C port and how you can use it.

Does the Fire TV Cube Come with a USB Port?

When you order a Fire TV Cube, it’ll come with a micro USB-C port and a charging cable that’s about a foot long.

Depending on your setup, you might want your device farther away from the TV (or closer to an outlet).To extend its range, you can insert a longer micro USB-C charging cable into the back of your Fire TV Cube. Some models online measure anywhere from three to 10 feet. Advantages of extending your Fire TV Cube’s power cord length include: 

  • It’ll respond better to voice commands if it’s closer to you.
  • You can place it closer to your router, so you’re less likely to lose a connection.
  • You want your Fire TV Cube away from other smart home devices for optimal connectivity.
  • It will respond better if it’s closer to your smartphone or remote.
  • The closer you are to your Fire TV Cube, the better it’ll respond to voice commands.

Can You Add More USB Ports to Fire TV Cube?

You can purchase the Ethernet Adapter Replacement to add additional USB ports to your Fire TV Cube. The adapter provides:

  • Three USB ports
  • A slot for your ethernet cable
  • A charging block and power adapter
  • A micro-USB cord

Uses for Fire TV Cube USB Ports

Having multiple USB ports with your Fire TV Cube lets you plug in USB-controlled devices, like a wireless mouse and keyboard. You can also:

Use a Wired Connection

If you don’t have a great Wi-Fi connection, you might have a solid wired connection. To connect your Fire TV device using an ethernet cable, plug in the Ethernet Adapter Replacement and plug in your ethernet cable.

From there:

  1. Go to your streaming device’s home screen.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Network.”
  4. Press “Wired Connection.”

You may need to enter your internet credentials to complete this process.

Charge Your Devices

You don’t have to worry about plugging a bunch of devices to charge your phone. When you purchase an adapter, you can plug in your phone’s USB cable into the adapter’s USB port. This will draw power from the wall to charge your smartphones, tablets, and handheld video game consoles.

Connect to Other Smart Home Assistants

As noted, now that you’ve created multiple USB ports, you can use these slots to power your other smart home devices, such as your Amazon Alexa. This lets you create a smart home “hub” in your house, where all your devices are in proximity and can “talk” to each other.

Keep in mind that this isn’t ideal for all internet connections. Many users with low-speed internet note that having Amazon Fire TV Cubes next to their Alexas actually creates a slower connection. Perhaps try this method, try it for a few hours, and see if you notice a difference in your internet speed.

Make Video Calls

This is perhaps one of the most ambitious things you can do with your Fire TV Cube’s USB port. Here’s what you need to know:

Two-Way Calling Only Works with These Devices

Two-way video calling is something Amazon just rolled out within the last year. You must have one of these devices to utilize this feature:

You’ll also need to purchase a separate webcam that has the following:

  • A USB 2.0 to micro-USB adapter
  • A USB 2.0 connection cable

Your webcam must also run at least 30 frames per second and have more than 720p resolution.

In Conclusion

The Fire TV Cube does come with a micro-USB port. With an adapter, you can add additional USB ports to make two-way video calls, charge your devices, power your smart home assistant, and do much, much more. Keep in mind that some of the features only work if you have the latest generation Fire TV Cube.

For more information about the Fire TV Cube, check out this article.

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