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Does Fire HD 8 Tablet Have Bluetooth?

Last Updated Jan 14, 2022

The importance of Bluetooth connectivity today cannot be overstated. Many people looking to buy tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices need to connect to other smartphones, tablets, or external speakers. This has led many potential buyers of the Amazon Fire HD 8 to ask, “Does the Fire HD 8 tablet have Bluetooth?”

Yes, the Fire HD 8 tablet has Bluetooth. You can connect your Fire HD 8 tablet to other smart devices and external speakers or headphones using Bluetooth.  You can connect wirelessly using Bluetooth for up to 18 hours on one charge.

Apart from WiFi connection which allows for seamless streaming with your Fire HD 8 device, Bluetooth is another wireless connectivity that can do many things with your tablet. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of Bluetooth and how it improves the Fire HD 8 experience.

What is the Fire HD 8?

Amazon Fire HD 8 is a part of the Amazon Fire collection of tablets (formerly called the Kindle Fire). It runs on a custom version of the Google Android operating system known as Fire OS. It is named HD 8 because it has a screen size of 8 inches. The Fire HD 8 was first introduced in 2016 and has since gone through many modifications to become what it is today.

All Fire HD devices are equipped with Amazon Alexa, a voice-controlled virtual assistant technology that helps navigate the tablet. In addition, all Fire HD devices also have access to Kindle books, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Audible for easy reading of e-books, watching movies, and listening to audiobooks.

Fire HD 8 Specs

Some necessary specifications of the Amazon Fire HD 8 include:

  • An Amazon Fire Operating System
  • An 8-inch screen size
  • Internal storage capacity of 32 GB
  • Battery life of almost 10 hours with constant usage
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth connectivity helps with the overall experience of the device, as you will enjoy watching movies and listening to audiobooks better when your tablet is connected to an external speaker with better sound quality than the inbuilt speakers found on the tablet.

If you would like to learn more about Fire HD 8, check out this article.

Why Bluetooth is Important for your Tablet

The importance of Bluetooth in modern devices cannot be overstated. Bluetooth is a wireless communication system that allows two different devices to connect. It has an approximate range of about 30 feet (or 10 meters), meaning that you can connect with any device within that range and share data. 

Bluetooth Sharing

If you have an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, Bluetooth connectivity can help you do a lot. Firstly, it can help you share and receive data with other devices within your range. You can send and receive pictures, videos, audio, documents, and any additional file with ease without using a USB cord to send them. 

Bluetooth sharing is also high-speed and reliable, so depending on the file size, it can be done in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Bluetooth Connection (Headphones, Speakers)

Also, Bluetooth connectivity helps with playing media on external speakers. Many people love to enjoy their music and movies with high-quality speakers, and the inbuilt tablet speakers aren’t the best for this experience. 

Another option would be to use the headphone jack to connect to your headphones or other speakers, but that doesn’t allow for a seamless wireless experience. This would mean your device is confined to the length of the headphone cable.

With Bluetooth, you can play music and watch videos with an external speaker or headphones without using a cable. This also helps with Amazon Alexa, as you can use your Bluetooth-connected external headset to give commands to Alexa even when you are far from the device.

Does the Fire HD 8 have Bluetooth Connectivity?      

Yes, the Amazon Fire HD 8 has Bluetooth connectivity. 

You can connect to other smartphones and tablets around you, as well as external speakers to enjoy your audio and video experience. You can also use your Bluetooth headphones to participate in video meetings online and give commands to Alexa.

How to Use Bluetooth On Fire HD 8

To use the Bluetooth on your Fire HD 8 devices, you need to turn it on. To do that,follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen, and you will see “Quick Settings.” 
  2. Select “Wireless” and tab on “Bluetooth.” 
  3. Switch the Bluetooth on. 
  4. You will see a list of active devices you can connect to around you. 
  5. To connect to other devices, ensure that the Bluetooth on the other device is turned on, then select the device among the list of active devices on your tablet.

Now you know everything about bluetooth on your Fire HD 8.


The Amazon Fire HD 8 is exceptional in many ways, and the presence of strong Bluetooth connectivity is just an addition to all the goodness found on the tablet. Thankfully, the tablet has a solid battery that can allow you to enjoy your Bluetooth connectivity to the fullest, and access to Amazon Prime and Audible makes the entire experience well worth it.