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Does Fire HD 8 Have a Headphone Jack?

Last Updated Jan 12, 2022

We can agree that the Fire HD 8 is widely known for the entertainment it offers to its users. Whenever you are bored or lack something to do, you can pick your tablet up, either watch movies or listen to music and there you have it, you have something to occupy you. Though the thing is does it have a headphone jack for your headphones whenever you want to listen to your movies or music privately?

The answer is yes. As with all of Amazon’s devices, it does have a headphone jack that allows its users to plug in their earphones and enjoy the luxury of listening to audio privately. 

As an affordable device, this tablet is widely recommended as it can serve you for a long time with its amazing extra features than most tablets. Just keep on reading, and you will see that this tablet is just one of a kind if you are looking to purchase one.

Where Is the Fire HD 8 Tablet Headphone Jack Located? 

As mentioned earlier, yes it does have a headphone, Jack. The first thing you see when facing it up is the Headphone jack itself that guarantees privacy whenever you want to listen to music or even watch movies with your headphones. 

So where is it located? You might ask, the tablet’s headphone jack is located on top of the tablet especially when you lift it to face you, you’ll locate it easily. All you need to have is a pair of earphones or headphones and then plug it in and you’ll be able to listen to whatever you want privately.

And if you want to increase or lower the volume the buttons are located on the tablet’s side next to the power button, they are quite easy to locate. 

What If I Have Wireless Headphones?

If you have wireless headphones not to worry, the Fire HD 8 has got you covered. All that is required of you is:

  1. Check if your headphone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. On your tablet, switch on Bluetooth on settings and wait as it searches the available devices nearby
  3. Your headphone’s name will appear on the screen and once you see it just tap on it for it to pair.
  4. And you can play any music or movie you want. 

If you would like to learn more about Fire tablets, check out this article.

Is Amazon Fire and Kindle the Same Thing? 

No, they are not. As much as they have been made and processed by the same company, Kindle tends to be mainly used for reading while the Amazon Fire has more options within it, you can read with it and you can also do a range of things with it like accessing your emails and internet. 

Kindle Tablets VS. Fire Tablets

Another key difference can be noted with their display screens. The Kindle tablet’s screen has been modified for readers as it is best suited in showing documents and books but nothing else like movies because you won’t be able to do it well because of the screen.

The Fire tablet on the other hand has an LCD screen that is mostly found on many devices like computers and smartphones. And so with this screen unlike the Kindle one, you can be able to watch movies or even play games.

Another thing that you will come to notice if you have both devices or if you are looking to buy either is that the Fire tablet has the headphone jack, unlike the kindle tablet which doesn’t. This means you can use your headphones on one tablet and not the other. 

Another difference is that the Fire tablet has cameras on the back and front of the tablet, so you can take videos and pictures with it, while the Kindle tablet doesn’t have that feature. Those are just the main differences between the two tablets and apart from that the other things can pretty much be found on both tablets.

For instance, they both have great battery life. Their casings are both made of plastic so it helps to cushion any falls on the devices and they are both quite affordable. 

Is a Fire HD Tablet a Kindle?

Yes, technically it is. As much as they don’t have the same specification as a kindle, they are in the same family as they are both made by Amazon. 

Is There a Difference Between the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 8 Plus?

No, there is no big difference between the two devices. The only slight change comes in with improved features in the Fire HD 8 plus that aren’t found in the Fire HD 8. With that said, both devices don’t have a major difference except for pricing. 


All in all, we have talked about the Fire HD 8 tablet in more depth and answered the question that you were quite curious about. Yes, the Fire HD 8 tablet has a headphone jack, so no need to be wary of purchasing it. There are so many features that it offers that we are sure you are also going to enjoy.

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