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Does Fire HD 10 Come With a Charger?

Last Updated Jan 1, 2022
kindle fire hd 10

Introducing a new processor that makes the Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet 30% faster than previous models, a 512GB microSD card, higher resolution in terms of display, and other advanced innovations, there are so many reasons to want this tablet. But does the Fire HD 10 come with a charger?

The Fire HD 10 comes with a USB-C power adapter that can fully charge the tablet in about 4 hours. In addition, the USB-C type ports and 9W chargers make charging faster and more convenient. You also have the option of opting for a 15W power adapter and a USB-C to USB-C cable separately.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the Fire HD 10 charger, how to conveniently use the charger to power up your tablet, what to do when your tablet won’t charge, and other answers to possible questions you may have about the Fire HD 10 charger.

Fire HD 10 Tablet Charger

Your tablet may not be fully charged when you first get it. This is because you need to first charge it before registering and setting up your device. The tablet comes with a power adapter and a micro USB cable which should be used for charging. The Fire tablet’s charger can charge your device fastly and conveniently, but what happens when your tablet refuses to charge?

What To Do When Your Tablet Doesn’t Charge

It is a common issue among millions of Amazon customers, but the problems may not be from the tablet itself. To be sure, when your tablet won’t charge even after plugging it correctly, try these few steps to rectify it:

  1. Change the power outlet: In some cases, the outlet may be faulty without your knowledge. Try switching the outlet and see if your tablet charges.
  2. Change the Cable/Adapter: Most times, it could either be the cable or the power adapter that is faulty. Changing the adapter or cable could be the solution you seek.
  3. Check Voltage: If you’re sure the power outlet and charger are in good condition, the reason your tablet is not charging may be due to inadequate or low voltage. The tablet requires a suitable power voltage to charge appropriately.
  4. Reboot the Device: If all else fails, try restarting your tablet. Long-press the power button until the tablet goes off, restart the tablet, and try plugging in the chargers again.
  5. Move the Cable: This trick is not permanent but can work for the moment. Try twisting and turning the cable when plugged to see if it is experiencing a partial connection with the power source. If it works, it could be that the cable or charging port is faulty and needs to be checked and changed afterward.
  6. Hardware Issues: Let’s face it, sometimes these devices malfunction. If your tablet still refuses to charge after trying all these, it could be a hardware issue, probably, the ports are faulty, or something else. In this situation, contact Amazon customer support to help ascertain what the problem is and solve it.

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How to Make Your Fire HD 10 Tablet Charge Faster

When charging your tablet, one of the most effective ways to get it to charge fast is by setting your tablet to sleep and turning off data connections and apps. But, of course, you could as well turn the device off completely and make sure you’re using the correct power adapter and cable that came with the device.

Suppose you’re using the micro-USB cable and a compatible micro-USB power adapter. In that case, the charging tends to be faster as it can charge your HD 10 under four hours, depending on the adapter you’re using and how many programs are still running on the tablet while charging.

However, if you’re not using a power adapter to charge, it will take about 9 hours for your computer to charge your tablet fully. 

Make sure the temperature in the room you’re charging your tablet is not too hot or too cool as tablets are sensitive to temperature, which can affect the charging process.


The Amazon Fire HD 10, as most newer versions of the Amazon tablet series, comes with a charger. Amazon has introduced USB-C-type ports and 9W adapters based on customer feedback, and with this innovation, charging can be faster and more convenient.

While you can use the cables to charge your tablet through your computer, if you want a faster charge, it is recommended that you make use of the provided charger. First, plug the charger into a power source and ensure your tablet is on Sleep or turned off for maximum and faster charge.