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Does Facebook Portal TV Work With Alexa?

Last Updated Oct 23, 2021
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Integrating your smart technologies is a great way to take advantage of all they have to offer. Still, with all the big tech brands competing with each other for the best smart setups, it can be difficult to determine whether or not two pieces of smart technology are actually compatible. In this case, can you connect your Amazon Alexa to your Portal TV from Facebook

Alexa is compatible with Facebook Portal TV. There are really two basic ways you can connect the two. You can either set up an Amazon Alexa account when you first set up your portal, or you can do it in settings later. Either way you will have to add the Alex account in “Accounts.” 

If you’d like the convenience of having your Alexa connected to your Portal TV, you’ve come to the right place. In the following sections, we’ll break down how to get your Amazon Alexa account set up on your portal as well as how to remove it if you ever need to do so. So come along and let’s get busy integrating more of your smart technology. 

How Do I Connect Alexa to Portal TV?

Connecting your Alexa portal is a pretty straightforward process. That said, you will want to make sure that you already have an Amazon Alexa account set up ahead of time for everything to go smoothly.

Once you’ve got an Alexa Account set up you can connect it to your Portal TV from Facebook in one of the two methods below: 

How to Connect Alexa to Portal TV in Initial Setup 

If you’ve just gotten your portal and haven’t set it up yet, you can save yourself some time and both connect it to Alexa, as well as complete its initial set up. This process is pretty straightforward and mainly requires you follow prompts. Just be ready to login to your Amazon account and you’ll be golden. 

Essentially all you need to do is boot up your Portal and complete the initial setup normally by following the prompts until you come to a screen that says “Unlock Alexa On Portal.” There should be an icon that says “connect” beneath it. 

Once you select “connect” you should be prompted to sign into your Amazon Alexa account. Once you’ve signed in, you’re all done and ready to go!

Step by Step: How To Connect Alexa to Portal TV Through Settings

If you set up your Amazon Alexa account after you’ve already had your Portal TV for a while, connecting in the initial setup isn’t going to be much use to you. Instead, you will want to take a little trip over to the settings for another quick and easy set up. 

Below we’ve broken down three easy steps to help you link your Amazon Alexa with your Portal TV through the settings: 

  • Go to the homepage of your Portal TV: To start go ahead and power on your Portal TV or return to the home screen if you were previously using it. 
  • Find “Accounts” in your Portal’s settings: Select settings and scroll down until you see “Accounts.” From this page you’re able to connect different types of accounts that are compatible with Portal TV.
  • Select Amazon Alexa and follow the prompts: Once you select Amazon Alexa you should be prompted to sign into your Alexa account. From there you just need to hit “continue,” wait for a moment for them to link and select “done.” 

With that you should be all set. Amazon Alexa should now work with your Portal TV regardless of what specific Portal account you’re using. 

How to Remove Alexa From Facebook Portal TV

If you decide one day that you want to disconnect your Amazon Alexa account from your Portal TV, the process is about as straightforward as connecting it was. 

Below we’ve outline how to disconnect your Amazon Alexa account from your Facebook Portal TV in three easy steps: 

  • Go back into “Settings”: Again you’re going to want to start on the homepage and find the settings. 
  • Enter into “Accounts” and select “Amazon Alexa”: Once that you select Amazon Alexa there will be a variety of options for what to do with the account.
  • Select device options and deregister Alexa: Device options should appear after you Alexa account has been selected. You need to go into them and find the option to deregister Alexa. You’ll receive a prompt to confirm that you really want to disconnect. Select “Yes” and you’re all set!

Of course, once you disconnect Alexa from your Portal, you can always reconnect it, or connect to another account by simply going back into the account settings. 

Final Thoughts

Portal TV from Facebook is most certainly compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can connect the two when you initially set up your Portal or you can connect them in settings. 

If you chose to connect your Portal with your Alexa in the settings, simply go into accounts. From there you can select Amazon Alexa, enter your information and get the two linked up in only a few minutes. 

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