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Does Eufy RoboVac 11S Max Map Your House?

Last Updated Jul 7, 2022

Sometimes you don’t have the time to clean your house. Sometimes you just wish you had a staff to do your bidding and keep and tidy your house as if you lived in some 18th-century estate. While we haven’t quite made it to fully autonomous robotic staff, you’ll have to wait on your digital Jeeves; a robotic vacuum cleaner is a step in that direction.

The eufy RoboVac 11S Max does not map your house. The RoboVac 11S Max doesn’t have a mapping ability built-in. It will change direction only when met with an obstacle. It might miss a spot, but it won’t have a camera to map your house.

Though the RoboVac 11S Max lacks a mapping feature, it is still an upgrade from a manual vacuum cleaner. The RoboVac 11S Max travels and cleans in a straight line in a random path until met with an obstacle. Its obstacle detection system will then cause it to change directions and continue on its path. Many other features make it a great purchase, though.

RoboVac 11S Max Features

The RoboVac 11S Max can increase its suction power using BoostIQ Technology when it detects that extra deep cleaning is necessary. It is also equipped with a scratch-resistant tempered glass top. The max runtime of the RoboVac 11S Max is only 100 minutes. However, it is self-charging. The 11S Max will return to its base station and charge when it needs a top-up.

Since the Eufy RoboVac 11S doesn’t map your house, it does have other navigational techniques such as 

  • Climbing height of 0.63 inches
  • Random bounce navigation
  • Fall prevention sensors
  • A 10.2 inches per second movement speed

Here is a table of the most important features of the 11S Max:

RoboVac 11S Max FeatureStat
BoostIQ TechnologyYes – 2nd Generation
Maximum Suction Power2000 Pa
Dust Collector Capacity600 mL or 20.50 oz.
Maximum Noise Level55 decibels
Vacuum Height2.85 inches
Max Runtime100 minutes
Battery Charge Time5-6 hours
Battery Capacity2600 mAh Lithium-Ion
Cleaning ModesAuto, Spot, Edge, Single Room
Warranty Included1-year
Works with Alexa?No

You can also control the RoboVac 11S Max with the remote control. The remote allows you to set the cleaning modes, cleaning schedule, and suction mode and even steer the vacuum using the directional arrows. It is also equipped with a HEPA filter (two are included in the box).

A Few Downsides

A few downsides, though, are that even though the RoboVac 11S Max will automatically recharge, it won’t auto-resume. Its cleaning cycle must be started again either manually or by schedule. Also, the schedule can’t be set to a specific day, only a specific time each day.

The RoboVac 11S Max should only be used on low to medium-pile carpets, hardwood, tile, or laminated flooring. Also, very dark-colored flooring and high-pile carpet will cause poor operation of the RoboVac 11S Max. Also, the device doesn’t have sensors for cables to avoid tangling; hence the included cable ties to organize cables out of their way.

RoboVac 11S Max Pros

Even though it’s their most basic model, the RoboVac 11S has a lot of benefits for a starter to automate your household chores:

  • The RoboVac 11S Max is a great entry-level robotic vacuum at a great price
  • It has great features such as auto-charging at this price level but not so many the user would get overwhelmed
  • It has automatic variable suction control where it can increase suction when it moves from hardwood, smooth flooring styles to carpet
  • Its low profile makes it easy for it to travel into hard-to-reach places for a normal vacuum cleaner
  • The remote acts as a control possibility in places with poor WiFi connection

While there are many pros, there are some drawbacks.

RoboVac 11S Max Cons

If you have a complicated layout and there are many areas you don’t want your robotic vacuum to mosey towards, the RoboVac 11S Max may not be for you. 

Robotic vacuums on the market can avoid wires and pet food dishes through magnetic strips. The vacuum will avoid the magnetic strip and stay away from anywhere you place one.

The RoboVac 11S Max may not be the best robotic vacuum fit for your needs if you live in a large house or have many rooms. The RoboVac 11S Max excels at small spaces, but if it has to travel from in a large house, you will want a vacuum with a mapping function. The mapping function makes sure the vacuum covers every inch of your house.

If you are looking for a robotic device capable of mopping, this may not be a great fit, as the RoboVac 11S Max lacks any mopping features. The Eufy RoboVac G30 is capable of both mopping and vacuuming.

Some people may also prefer the ability to use an app instead of a dedicated remote control. Adding another remote control to an already cluttered coffee table can be almost maddening for some people. Using a mobile device you already possess to control your vacuum could make life much easier.


The RoboVac 11S Max is a great entry into the robotic vacuum cleaner space for someone who doesn’t want to get overwhelmed with having to learn many complicated features. It might not be the device for someone with experience with robotic vacuums, a large house, or specific vacuuming needs.