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Does Eufy Doorbell Have Night Vision?

Last Updated Aug 10, 2021
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When you purchase a Eufy Doorbell, you want to have the peace of mind that it is working around the clock to keep you safe. Because some intruders strike at night, you may have questions about the doorbell’s ability to record footage and send you notifications when it is dark outside. With that said, does the Eufy Doorbell have night vision?

The Eufy Doorbell has night vision. At nighttime, the device captures crystal-clear footage on its 1080 pixel, high-definition camera. The camera not only records at night, but it also provides the user with a three-second recording before it sends you a notification.

The Eufy Doorbell’s camera does not only record at night. It is also designed to capture images in poor weather conditions, like thunderstorms and blizzards. Read on to learn more about Eufy’s features and how you can get the most out of your device when it gets dark.

How Eufy’s Night Vision Feature Works

When it comes to recording at night, Eufy considers itself to have a leg up on its competitors, such as Ring and Arlo. This is because the Eufy Doorbell camera makes use of a Sony Exmor sensor. This component:

  • Seeks to capture quality footage in low lights
  • Works alongside an f2.2 aperture, which refers to the size of the internet protocol (IP) camera
  • Employs an “illuminated back design” that prevents the light receptor from being activated
  • Does not rely on light or high-pitched sounds to notify the user of a visitor

The device also makes use of infrared lighting. When the doorbell is rung, or the motion sensor is activated, a small LED turns on, allowing the user to see otherwise unclear images. Low-lit conditions do not affect the quality of the footage, either.

The Night Vision Feature Displays Footage in Color

Eufy’s night vision feature does not exclusively capture images in black and white. Depending on the location of the camera, it could also capture footage in color.

Some of the more recent models utilize an onboard floodlight that emits 12 lumens of light in a three-feet radius. However, you may not be satisfied with this amount of light generated by the device.

If so, you could also install lights around the general area of the Eufy Doorbell. This would also allow you to capture bright, in-color footage regardless of the time of day.

View Night Vision Recordings Within the App or on Your Computer

In the middle of the night (especially if you keep your phone on silent or do not disturb while you are asleep), you may not wake up to the sound of a notification. Upon awakening, however, you may wonder just what set your system off.

Fortunately, you can view night vision recordings at any time. The Eufy Security app saves snippets of footage that you can watch later. You can even view live footage either in the app or on a computer; this could help you identify anyone (or anything) who is activating the camera at night.

Other Features of the Eufy Doorbell

Having a night vision feature is just one of the benefits of purchasing a Eufy Doorbell. The camera is designed to withstand high temperatures and endure rainfall. It also:

Has a Long Battery Life

Eufy’s manufacturers assert that the doorbell only needs to be charged every six months, and even then, the device can last longer, depending on how often it is activated.

Uses Artificial Intelligence to Recognize Faces

Nobody wants their Eufy Doorbell to give off false alarms constantly. However, in the “Motion Detection” section of the app, you can set the device only to go off when it recognizes a person; this cuts down on the number of notifications you get from cars driving by or animals crossing your front lawn.

Allows You to Adjust the “Activity Zone”

The Eufy Doorbell seeks to provide a customized experience to people who want to keep their residences safe. Within the app, you can toggle the area in which the sensor is activated.

For instance, if you only want to capture the front steps leading up to your home, you can make it so your Eufy Doorbell only captures motion within this area. Again, this is designed to cut down on the likelihood of false alarms.

Final Thoughts

In rain or shine, day or night, the Eufy Doorbell strives to create a user-friendly experience. Not only does it have night vision, but it also hosts a breadth of other features as well.

Eufy Doorbell gives users the experience of partnering with a third-party security company without the obligation of paying a monthly subscription. As developers improve user experience, they may provide patches and updates to the device’s software that allow for an even better night vision experience.

To learn more about how the Eufy Doorbell records at night, check out their website here.

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