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Does Eufy Camera Work in the UK?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2022
eufy security camera
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The first EufyCam skyrocketed in sales before the main functions, and features were even added to the device. Although it was evident that this camera was promising and the features already there were built to last, the newer model however has gone extra lengths to protect its users no matter the location. The initial EufyCam worked only in the United States, so will the new model work in the UK?

Only some newer models of the Eufy smart cameras can work in the United Kingdom. These models include:

  • The EufyCam 2 models
  • The EufyCam 2C models
  • The video doorbell 2k (both wired and battery-powered)
  • The video doorbell 1080p
  • Solo IndoorCam models. 

These can be purchased and installed in your UK home.

Although the EufyCam 1 model is made to be used only in the United States, the EufyCam 2 and 2C models have an improved sensor as well as direct Apple HomeKit integration so you can even use the live feed. The later models can also be used in other countries apart from the US and the UK. Keep reading to look at Eufy as a brand, and why you should get this camera for your UK smart home.

Is EUFY a Good Brand For Cameras?

Eufy as a brand is not as famous as its counterparts such as the Nest, Ring, or Arlo, but the company produces gadgets that are light on your pocket. These types of products include robot vacuum cleaners, smart locks, and alarms as well as their security cameras and users do not doubt their authenticity. 

When it comes to cameras, Eufy markets unlike so many of its competitors. They give their users the ability to be able to locally store footage into a microSD card or built-in storage without the need to subscribe to cloud services. This makes it a cheaper, and more convenient choice for users even in other countries. 

Although this brand of smart camera does not bring in many features as its expensive competitors, it still boasts of a military-grade surveillance system that has a 1080p recording, 16GB of internal storage as well as smart hub integration for Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s assistant, and Apple’s HomeKit/Siri. Indeed, this company is one you should consider when purchasing a smart home camera.

If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

Is There a Monthly Fee For EUFY Security Camera?

If you have used different brands of cameras in your UK smart home, you may have found out that most of these camera brands slap a monthly fee for monitoring and cloud storage. They give their users a professional viewing experience as well as cloud storage, and their camera doesn’t come with storage so you’re forced to use the cloud storage. So is it the same for Eufy Cameras?

Eufy Cams does not need a monthly fee/payment to function. The camera offers motion detected recordings instead of professional viewing as well as local storage for videos. Hence, you don’t need to pay to view your recordings and since internal storage is available, you don’t need to pay for cloud storage.

However, if you need more storage, or you decide to still opt-in for the cloud storage, Eufy Cam would charge you monthly for that. Their cloud storage basic plan goes for about $2.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly. The cloud storage premier plan goes for about $9.99 monthly or about $99.99 yearly. This gives users the ability to store 30 rolling days of footage. 

Why You Should Get the Eufy Cam For Your UK Smart Home

I know right now, you may be asking, “Should I opt into the EufyCam ecosystem, and get their smart cameras for my smart home located in the UK?” Well, it depends. The Eufy brand is growing in the smart home industry, and they offer countless smart home products apart from their security camera. The EufyCam 2 and 2C is a perfect product you can use both inside and outside your UK home. 

Setting up the Eufy cam is very easy, and it doesn’t require much. You don’t even need to subscribe monthly to use this camera, and the battery life is off the charts. You need to only charge this camera every 6 months. Compared to its counterparts, it may not have the perfect features for maximum security, but it is good enough, and it works with your region. 


So do Eufy cameras work in the UK, absolutely, but there are only selected cam products that can. This brand is a perfect brand to use compared to other products because of the internal storage that comes to it. This means you can make a one-time payment then use it to your satisfaction. Not only can you use it in the UK, but you can also use them anywhere in the world. Only a few camera brands can do that.

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