Does Eero Work with Xfinity?

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Most builders today incorporate multiple WiFi connections into a building. You may need a wireless gateway to connect to Xfinity for this reason, especially after moving to a new home. This leads many people to wonder: will Eero work as a mesh connection with Xfinity?

Eero is compatible with Xfinity. You can connect Eero WiFi to Xfinity in just a few minutes by bridging the Xfinity Gateway, which allows you to stop paying fees attached to xFi.

Below, we’ll discuss more detailed information about Eero’s compatibility with Xfinity. Keep reading to learn more!

What Do You Need to Connect Eero WiFi to Xfinity?

Eero WiFi is a modern alternative to the traditional connection model, providing a strong signal for the wireless network in your home or office. To ensure a strong connection with Xfinity, you need to be sure you’re installing Eero correctly.

Eero can be implemented quickly with the proper knowledge. Below is a list of things to expect in your Eero package, all of which are essential for installation.

  • Eero beacon
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable

In addition to these items, you will also find an installation manual in your Eero package.

Other Technology Tools Needed to Connect to Eero WiFi

In addition to the materials in your Eero package, you’ll need some other technical tools for a proper setup. Gather everything you need for the proper setup to ensure smooth connectivity without any downtime:

  • An Eero account
  • A new modem (other than the one that comes with your Xfinity system)
  • A mobile device running an operating system no older than Android 7.0 or iOS 14.0

You need your own personalized Eero account, as every user has a unique Eero gateway and network. You can run the connection smoothly with enough data on your mobile device.

How to Connect Eero with Xfinity

Eero is compatible with several service providers, including Xfinity. To ensure Eero works as well as possible, you must be sure everything is connected appropriately.

Users with the right technical skills can easily connect Eero with Xfinity. However, you can employ a third-party installation service if you don’t have the right know-how. If you’re outsourcing your installation, make sure to find a reliable installer.

You will need to run this installation with a modem other than the one that comes with your Xfinity system. Once you have that, follow the process below to connect Eero WiFi with Xfinity via the internet.

  1. Connect your Ethernet cable to the Local Area Network (LAN) port on the Xfinity system.
  2. Open your mobile device’s browser and input “” to access the Xfinity Gateway. Then, put in your username and password. If you cannot remember your username and password, try logging in as “admin.”
  3. Once you’ve successfully logged in to your dashboard, click the Gateway menu. This is usually located on the left side of your screen.
  4. Use the Xfinity Gateway to switch the system into Bridge Mode. This will remove any barriers your Xfinity Gateway creates toward Eero connectivity. It also prevents challenges that may surface from two routers working together. Confirm your changes before moving on.
  5. Connect the other end of your Ethernet cable to the WAN port on your Eero device.
  6. Restart all your internet-connected devices.
  7. Confirm that the connection is complete by attempting to connect to the internet on your device. Until you have a successful connection, do not leave the Gateway.

After successfully following all the above steps, you are ready to start using Eero WiFi with Xfinity.

Why Should You Use Eero WiFi?

Some people prefer Eero WiFi over their Xfinity modem and router. Eero WiFi typically offers a superior connection with much higher performance levels. This is especially helpful if your home or office has many internet users, as you will need a powerful mesh connection. Some of the benefits of using Eero WiFi with Xfinity include:

  • Eero WiFi is easy to set up
  • The technology is patented, which prevents conflicts between systems.
  • It is compatible with many smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa.
  • Security measures are tight, allowing users to effectively protect their WiFi.
  • It’s a suitable mesh connection in many modern homes due to its fast speed.
  • Eero connectivity is highly efficient, meeting the needs of many Gen Z and Millennials.
  • A first-time user can adapt to Eero WiFi faster than the Xfinity modem and router.
  • You can customize your home network, which is especially helpful if you run gaming software.

The reasons above have contributed to the wide adoption of Eero WiFi among many Xfinity users.


You can use Eero WiFi Instead of the modem-router setup with your Xfinity internet provider. The Eero setup is being adopted by many people today. It is one of the few network technologies that fit into mesh WiFi, making it a fantastic solution for large buildings.

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