Does Echo Show 15 Have Audio Out?

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Most television sets use cables to transmit sound. You can connect these cables through an audio output, or “audio out,” as it’s listed on most TVs. The Echo Show 15 has been described as a combination of a tablet and TV. If you want to connect an external speaker to your Echo Show 15, you may be wondering if it includes an audio output.

There is not an audio output on Amazon’s Echo Show 15. However, the device is Bluetooth compatible. Since there is no port for an audio connection, Bluetooth is the best way to transmit sound to an external speaker.

Below, we will discuss more information on how you can connect a speaker to your Echo Show 15 without an audio output. Keep reading to learn more!

Does the Echo Show 15 Have an Audio Output?

While there is no audio output on the device, the Echo Show 15 can connect to wireless speakers through Bluetooth. Some have described this advanced Echo device as a hybrid television/tablet, but unlike many televisions, the Echo Show 15 does not permit wired speaker connections.

The Echo Show 15 offers decent audio quality on its own. However, some users choose to listen to audio from their Echo device through Bluetooth-connected speakers.  

What is Audio Out?

An audio out, or audio output, allows users to connect devices like speakers and soundbars to different devices to improve audio quality. There are two types of audio outputs you may find on your television or computer:

  • Analog audio output
  • Digital audio output

There is also a third category, which has been introduced with the revolution of smart technology. This is the wireless audio output, powered by Bluetooth.

Analog Audio Output

This audio connection is often used for older electronics, like VCRs and DVD players. Usually, they consist of red and white RCA cables and a non-colored, smaller black cable.  

Digital Audio Output

As the name implies, digital audio output transmits digital audio signals to amplifying devices like external speakers. Most modern and smart TVs use this type of audio output system.

Wireless Audio Output

Although the Echo Show 15 uses digital audio, there is no port behind the Echo Show 15 for anything other than the power adapter. For this reason, any external devices you want to use with it will need to be connected via Bluetooth.

A wireless digital audio output is what best describes the Echo Show 15’s audio connection. Because there are no wires required, a wireless audio output is often an easier and more powerful solution.

What Audio Devices Can I Connect to My Echo Show 15?

Only being able to connect an audio device via Bluetooth can make some users feel like they have limited options. However, in this day and age, there are a lot of Bluetooth-enabled devices you can connect the Echo Show 15 to. Some of your options include:

Before you purchase a speaker to connect your Echo Show 15 to, you will need to ensure it is compatible with Bluetooth.

How to Connect an Audio Device to an Echo Show 15

To connect an audio device to your Echo Show 15, you will first need to connect your Echo Show 15. If your audio device uses a WiFi connection, make sure to connect it to the same network as your tablet.

Once you’ve done this, you can connect to any device through the Alexa App. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Go to “Devices.”
  • Tap “Echo and Alexa.”
  • Select your Echo Show 15.
  • Click on “Bluetooth Devices.”
  • Select “Pair a New Device.”
  • Choose your Bluetooth audio device from the list of available devices.

If you are connecting your Echo Show 15 to an Alexa-enabled audio device, you can also use voice commands to connect and disconnect from your tablet. Just say, “Alexa, connect to (device name)” to connect, or “Alexa, disconnect from (device name)” to disconnect.

Can I Connect Multiple Audio Devices to My Echo Show 15?

In lieu of the conventional audio out, all Echo devices have an audio feature called “Speaker Group.” This allows you to combine several devices into one group and play audio through them simultaneously. These devices can play in different parts of your house, with individually-adjustable volumes.


The Echo Show 15 has built-in speakers, but does not include an audio output. However, you can connect a wireless speaker, soundbar, or any other audio device through the Echo Show’s Bluetooth feature. You can connect the devices together using the Alexa app. This gives the Echo Show 15 more edge over other television sets and puts it at the forefront of modern smart television viewing.

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