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Does Echo Show 10 Work With Ring Doorbell?

Last Updated Dec 26, 2021
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With the official release of Echo Show 10, one of the questions that come up a lot is whether it will work with any Ring Doorbell. If you are thinking about purchasing the new Echo Show 10 and wondering if it will work with your Ring Doorbell, then let me save you a bit of time! Here’s what you really want to know:

Echo Show 10 works with Ring Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Elite, and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. However, the Echo Show 10’s Live View functionality and “Alexa show me” command isn’t fully supported by the first generation Ring Doorbell and the Ring Stick Up Cam.

If you’ve just bought a new Echo Show 10 and tried connecting it to your Ring Doorbell only to find out that it doesn’t announce when someone is at your door, you must be wondering what you are doing wrong. Keep reading to learn how to connect your Show 10 with your Ring Doorbell the right way.

How Do I Connect My Echo Show 10 To My Ring Doorbell?

You need to configure a few things before you can connect Echo Show 10 to your doorbell. Here, I’ll show you how to connect your Echo Show 10 with the Ring Doorbell in a few easy steps.

  • First, make sure that you have your Ring Doorbell installed. Second, install the Alexa app on your mobile or tablet. Ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled so that you can connect the Ring Skill to the Alexa app.
  • Open the Alexa app, press the three horizontal bars in the upper corner, and go to “Skills & Games.”
  • Press the magnifying glass on the top right corner of the screen. This will prompt a search box where you need to type “ring.” 
  • Select the “Ring Skill” and Tap “Enable to use,” which will link your Alexa with Ring Skill automatically and will ask you to sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Once you are logged in to your Amazon account, press “Authorize.”
  • Close the window and press “Discover Devices.” This will automatically start discovering the Ring Doorbells, which will take 45 seconds approximately.
  • Now you will be able to see all the Ring devices appear on the screen. Press “Setup Devices,” and this will connect your Echo Show 10 with your Ring Doorbell.

There, your Ring Doorbell is connected with Echo Show 10, and you will be able to see all the connected devices by pressing the “Devices” on the lower right corner. 

Now that you know how to connect Echo Show 10 to your doorbell, you may still be wondering whether your Ring Doorbell is compatible with Show 10. Don’t worry. Keep reading to understand which Ring products are compatible with Echo Show 10.

How Do I Know If My Ring Doorbell Will Work With Echo Show 10?

The Alexa Skill allows you to view your cameras, ask Alexa to show you the available doorbells, most recent event clips, and more. Supported doorbell models include Ring Video Doorbell 2, Pro, and Elite, as well as Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam. However, some older Ring products are not supported by the Alexa Skill. 

For example, the first-generation Ring Video Doorbell is not supported by the Alexa Skill. On the other hand, supported doorbells like the Ring Video Doorbell 2 support Alexa Announcements. This means Alexa will announce the event via your Echo Show 10 or any other Alexa-enabled device such as a Fire TV stick when someone rings your doorbell. 

In addition to supporting motion alerts, Ring’s first-generation Video Doorbells can be linked with Alexa Routines. For example, if motion is detected at home when you are away from your home, an announcement can be made using another connected device such as an Amazon Echo Dot.

Does Echo Show 10 Work With Any Smart Doorbell?

Echo show 10 was launched not long ago, and a lot of people are wondering if their existing doorbell can be controlled with it. 

Well, the good news is that yes, it’s primarily compatible with Ring doorbells and does work with any Alexa compatible doorbells. The current list of supported devices does not end there. We can confirm that both Nest Hello and Nest x Yale smart locks are also compatible with Echo Show 10. The full list of supported devices is available on Amazon’s website.

If you would like to learn more about Echo Show, check out this article.


So can you use Echo Show 10 with Ring Doorbell? For sure, Amazon’s Echo Show 10 works great with Ring Doorbells and can act as an extra layer of security for your home. As long as you have a good internet connection, you shouldn’t have any problems with the setup. 

However, if you are a user of Ring Stick Up Cam or the original Ring doorbell, there are still some hiccups that you might encounter while using both devices. Nonetheless, Amazon Echo Show remains the best way to view and control your ring devices. It’s a convenient, useful, and necessary piece of technology in today’s smart world.

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