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Does Echo Show 10 Work with Blink Cameras?

Last Updated Dec 26, 2021
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Echo Show 10 and Blink Cameras are both owned and created by Amazon. Echo Show 10 is the 3rd generation of Amazon’s Echo Show line of products. The Echo Show is a smart speaker with many capabilities, including a microphone and camera, speakers, motion sensors, and a “Drop In” feature which allows users to automatically begin calls. Blink Cameras are a type of home security camera.

Echo Show 10 works with Blink Cameras, and connection can be done within a few minutes.

Under current societal times, technology is becoming increasingly advanced, including security capabilities. Keep reading to find out how to connect your Echo Show 10 to your Blink Camera, as well as other handy information about the Echo Show and Blink Cameras.

How Do You View Your Blink Camera on Echo Show?

Some good news is once you have set it up to do so, your Blink Camera is able to automatically display on the screen of your Echo Show whenever it detects motion.

Once Blink Camera has been connected to Echo Show, viewing the Blink Camera is as simple as a command to Alexa to show you the camera.

To exit viewing the camera, you simply command Alexa to hide the camera. But how do you connect your Blink Camera to Echo Show to reach these command capabilities?

How Do You Connect Echo Show to Blink Camera?

Connecting your Blink Camera to Echo Show can be done within a few minutes and in a matter of about 6 main steps, which are:

  • Download and install the Alexa app on your smartphone/device.
  • Open the Alexa app; locate and select the “Devices” tab
  • Locate and select the + symbol locater; select Add Device
  • Scroll down to camera, locate, and select Blink
  • Follow the instructions given, then select continue
  • Enable the Blink smart home skill; log in with your username and password

Following these steps links your Blink account to your Alexa account, and once you have done this, you may then locate and select “discover devices” and select the device you wish to setup.

Do Blink Cameras Record Constantly?

There are cases it can be important to have recordings from what is captured on your Blink Camera. In cases such as this, it is important to know ahead of time if Blink Cameras Record Constantly or only when being directed/viewed.

Blink Cameras do not record constantly. They will only begin recording when motion is detected.

However, you can view the camera at any time to see what is going on in the location of your camera, but the Blink Camera will not record unless it detects motion.

Do Blink Cameras Have Night Vision Capabilities?

Night Vision capabilities on cameras can be an important feature to have and it is important when considering the purchase of a Blink Camera. Having security in your home is important and having devices which strengthen the security of your home are becoming increasingly more necessary.

Thankfully, Blink Cameras do have Night Vision Capabilities so you can see clearly at night.

This feature can help if motion is detected at night so you can see what is being detected by the Blink Camera.

Can You Talk Through an Echo Show to Your Blink Camera?

Convenience in technology is increasingly becoming more necessity than a simple want because of people in society living busier lives.

However, because Blink Cameras feature listen-only audio, you cannot talk to your Blink Camera through your Echo Show.

You can use simple commands to have Alexa show you the view of your Blink Camera, though. If you would like to learn more about Echo Show, check out this article.

Do Blink Cameras Have Audio Capabilities?

Blink Cameras notify you when motion is detected, but what about being able to hear what is being detected?

Blink Cameras have audio capabilities so you can hear as well as see what is being detected by the camera.

It is convenient to be able to hear what you are seeing on the Blink Cameras so you can have better security.

Does Echo Show 10 Work Offline?

It is important to know in the case of an internet outage or spotty connection if your Echo Show 10 will work offline or if it needs a Wi-fi connection to function.

Echo Show does not work offline, requiring an internet connection.

Echo Show relies on its ability to communicate with the Alexa app, and without an internet connection, it cannot access this factor of communication. Echo Show also needs internet connection for its other functions, such as:

  • Communication with other smart home devices
  • Gathering information
  • Weather and traffic details

There are very few functions that can be done offline. To check what can be done, or what is supported offline, you can simply ask “Alexa, what can you do offline?” The device will then tell you what functions are supported offline, but it is limited.

Do Blink Cameras Work Offline?

It is important to know whether Blink Cameras can work offline or if they need Wi-fi. Sometimes things just happen. Your internet can go down for different reasons, or there are some areas, more so deep into the countryside, that does not have internet access.

Blink Cameras do require a Wi-fi connection to function. In fact, they require a 2.4 GHz Wi-fi connection, as well as at least 2 Mbps upload speed to send images and notifications.

This is important to know when considering purchasing Blink Cameras.

Can Echo Show 10 Be Used Outdoors?

Echo Show has been shown to be helpful with assisting you inside your home, but can it be used outdoors, as well?

Echo Show 10 can be used indoors and outdoors.

If you bring your Echo Show 10 outside, make sure it is within reach of a Wi-fi connection and it is in a covered area, protected from outside elements.

Can Blink Cameras Be Used Indoors or Outdoors?

Security for your home is important inside and outside, so it is only natural to wonder if your Blink Camera can be used indoors and/or outdoors.

There is a Blink Camera indoor camera and a Blink Camera outdoor camera. The indoor camera cannot be used outdoors because it is not resistant to outside elements. However, the outdoor camera can be used indoors if desired.

The Blink Camera indoor camera has limited functions when compared to the Blink Camera outdoor camera, including its obvious inability to be outdoors. However, regardless of which Blink Camera you have, the important thing is to make sure of the one you have so you know the best place to position the camera.

Do Blink Cameras Require a Subscription?

When you are considering buying a technological product, an important factor to be aware of is if the product requires a subscription for service.

Blink Cameras do have an optional subscription service for cloud storage. However, it is not required, and you can use local storage if you do not have a subscription.

Cloud storage can come in handy when you need more storage space or want to ensure you have backup and recovery options that are available with cloud storage. However, it is not a necessity with the Blink Cameras.

Wrapping It All Up

Blink Cameras are a bonus to be added to your home security, and they can be connected to Echo Show to provide the best features possible. Connecting your Blink Camera to the Echo Show 10 can be done within a few minutes and in a few simple steps. This is done through the Alexa app, which you can also use to make voice commands, including viewing the Blink Cameras current view.

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