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Does Echo Show 10 Have To Be Plugged In? Is It Wireless?

Last Updated Dec 23, 2021
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The Echo Show 10 enables you to do all sorts of crazy things, like watch cooking tutorials on a screen that follows your movements throughout your kitchen. One question that comes up repeatedly is the portability of the Echo Show 10. Is the Echo Show 10 wireless? Can you take it with you anywhere?

The Echo Show 10 must be plugged into a power source, using a cord that is compatible with the port at the rear of the device. This doesn’t stop you from being able to plug into a mobile power source so that you can take your Echo Show 10 with you wherever you go.

In the sections below, you’ll find tips on effectively making your Echo Show 10 a wireless device, including tips on finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Is The Echo Show 10 Wireless?

The Echo Show 10 is not wireless. A 5′ power adapter is included in the packaging. If you need to replace the original cord, you can purchase one easily. You can also buy an extended power adapter as well.

Although the Echo Show 10 is not wireless, there are many ways that you can make the device more portable.

How To Make The Echo Show 10 Portable

The Echo Show 10 consumes 30 watts of power, meaning that it consumes roughly the same amount of power as a cell phone charger (25 watts). The Echo Show 10 also comes with a low power mode that can help conserve energy when the device is idle.

How much bandwidth does the Echo Show 10 use? The Amazon Echo Show 10 can connect to a mobile hotspot, which is certainly feasible if you have an unlimited data plan. Otherwise, you may try improving your Wi-Fi connection to make your Echo Show 10 more portable within your home.

Use A Power Bank

A power bank, connected through the USB port, can help effectively make your Amazon Echo Show 10 wireless. You won’t have to worry about being near an outlet or having to run intrusive extension cords across your living room floor.

The Halo Bolt Wireless Laptop Power Bank comes with an AC/DC outlet and 2 USB outlets. It can also be used as a jump starter for your car. This is a handy tool if you spend a lot of time on the road or enjoying the outdoors.

Connect To A Mobile Hotspot

Connecting your Amazon Echo Show 10 to a mobile hotspot can be a viable solution, especially if you have unlimited data and a solid wireless connection.

Here’s how to connect an Echo Show 10 (or other Amazon device) to a mobile hotspot:

  1. Make sure that your cell phone is close to your Echo device and that the Echo is plugged in and turned on.
  2. Open the Mobile Hotspot settings on your mobile device. Take note of the hotspot name and password.
  3. Download/Open the Alexa app and navigate to Devices on the bottom of the main screen.
  4. Tap on Echo & Alexa to select this device.
  5. Select Change next to where it says, “Wi-Fi Network.”
  6. Hold the action button on your Amazon Echo until the orange light appears.
  7. Follow the instructions on the Echo screen to finish connecting to your mobile hotspot.

The instructions for enabling a mobile hotspot can vary by phone. Be sure to consult with the instructions for your specific phone if any issues are encountered.

How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

You can move your router to a more desirable location, get a better router, or purchase a device that extends the range of your Wi-Fi signal. Below are some helpful tips on how to improve your Wi-Fi signal so that you can enjoy your Echo Show 10 from anywhere in your home.

  • Change the location: If possible, move your router to a spot where the signal won’t be blocked by furniture, appliances, ceilings, and walls.
  • Update your router’s software.
  • Purchase a dual-bandwidth router. Consult with your internet provider before trying to switch routers.
  • Extend your Wi-Fi signal with devices such as boosters, repeaters, and extenders. Look for devices that advertise universal compatibility, such as the TP-Link AX-1500.

How To Opt-In/Opt-Out For Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk is a program that pools a neighborhood’s bandwidth resources together. Say you have an Amazon Echo device set up in an attic room far away from your router. Sidewalk allows you to access a very small portion of your neighbor’s bandwidth (80 kbps) to help keep your Echo Show online.

Some may argue that the service is mutually beneficial since it only allows you to take 80 kbps of bandwidth from neighbors. Others feel that it is an invasion of privacy. Either way, you can easily opt out of the program.

Final Thoughts

The Echo Show 10 must be plugged into a power source. However, you can make the device more portable by purchasing a power bank, such as the ones linked above. You can also connect to a reliable Wi-Fi source by using a mobile hotspot.

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