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Does Echo Glow Have Speakers?

Last Updated Jul 31, 2022
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Nowadays, everything is getting an internet connection in the Internet of Things era, from televisions, refrigerators, coffee machines, and now, night lights. The Echo Glow is a smart lamp made and distributed by Amazon. This smart lamp is controlled by a digital home assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Siri, so does the Echo Glow have speakers?

The Echo Glow doesn’t have speakers. It is an easy mistake to make since it is called an Echo, but the Echo Glow is meant to pair to an Amazon Echo or other Alexa device to utilize voice commands and as a speaker. Otherwise, you control it via the Alexa app.

It makes sense that someone would think that something with the name Amazon Echo Glow would have speakers on it, considering that the Amazon Echo is the line of Bluetooth speakers and Alexa-based digital personal assistants made by Amazon. The confusion comes since the Echo Glow is a light meant to be paired with an Amazon Echo virtual assistant.

Does the Echo Glow Have Speakers?

The Amazon Echo Glow is a smart color-changing night light designed for children. It’s got many great features to it as well. The lack of a built-in microphone or speaker is because it was designed to be easy to use for kids. The only functions the lamp itself has is on, off, and the ability to change colors.

The Amazon Echo Glow does not have speakers because it is a night light. The Amazon Echo moniker is usually saved for a line of products dedicated to Bluetooth speakers or virtual assistants. It is possible to pair the Echo Glow with an Echo to gain voice command control.

Although the Amazon Echo Glow does not have speakers, Amazon realizes that your children might still want access to a Bluetooth speaker or the ability to control their Echo Glow using voice commands. They created the adorable Echo Dot Kids line of smart speakers. It can connect to your Echo Glow and allow for voice control.

Echo Dot Kids

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids is the perfect match-up to the Amazon Echo Glow night light. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids is rated at 4.5 stars with thousands of unique ratings on Amazon. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids even comes in two different adorable cute face versions, Panda and Tiger. It even includes one year of Amazon Kids+ for new subscribers.

The great thing about the Amazon Echo Dot Kids is that it allows your child to learn and grow by gaining access to all of these features:

  • Ask Alexa educational questions like “How many years ago did Dinosaurs live?”
  • Gain access to kid-friendly music – governed by parental controls
  • Have Alexa read them a bedtime story
  • Have access to a kid-friendly version of Audible’s audiobooks
  • Get help with their homework by asking Alexa, “What is 4 times 9?

Your child will be able to learn to use Alexa to control their Echo Glow and change the color by simply saying, “Alexa, change the Echo Glow to red.” They will also be able to independently learn about music, listen to stories, and ask Alexa questions, but all under the guidance of the kid-friendly access of Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids-only access, controlled by parents.

The Reason It’s the Best Option For Parents

The main reason the Amazon Echo Dot is great for parents as a pairing with the Echo Glow is the ability to teach your child independence and technological autonomy while learning to use virtual assistants, which are likely to become more prevalent as time goes on. All of the child’s access can be controlled by the parents via the Parent Dashboard on their Amazon account.

From the Parent Dashboard, the parents can set daily time limits, block various sites, and have the ability to shop and filter explicit songs. 

You also get a graph and review of all activities on the Amazon Echo Dot Kids. You can even pre-approve certain numbers, like Grandma and Grandpa, for your little one to be able to make calls from their Echo Dot.

Another great feature for parents is there is a physical switch to turn off the microphone if having a microphone connected to the internet in your home makes you uncomfortable. It is an electronic disconnect that turns off the microphone in the hardware so it can’t be turned back on via a software hack, making your Echo Dot even more secure. 


The Amazon Echo Glow is a great night light, especially when paired with the Echo Dot Kids. It is simple in its execution and function, which makes it perfect for little fingers just learning to use smart home devices. Add the cute patterns of the Echo Dot Kids, and your kids will be tech gurus in no time.

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