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Does DFW Airport Have Free WiFi? (How To Connect)

Last Updated Nov 17, 2022
A view from a terminal at DFW airport

Flying can be stressful, especially around the holidays. Because of this, you often have layovers and flight delays. This often leads to getting bored or needing to look things up.

The DFW airport has free WiFi, which is easy to connect to. First, you will find the “DFW Airport Complimentary WiFi” on your WiFi. Then you will go through the easy prompted steps to connect. 

Connecting to WiFi while on the go is a huge benefit. DFW also allows for free charging stations, downloadable video chat backgrounds for those working on the go, and even upgraded WiFi for those with AT&T.

Free WiFi at the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

One of the best things about being at a high volume airport is the free WiFi. Especially when you are bored or need to see flight information. 

In fact, according to sources, the DFW airport consistently has great WiFi. So much so that it has made numerous appearances near the top of the list for “best airport WiFi.” 

While the WiFi doesn’t have a time limit, you may have to suffer through some ads. AT&T is partnered with DFW airport, so those customers have different rules. 

AT&T Customers using DFW WiFi

AT&T has long been partnered with the Dallas Fort Worth airport. This comes with a perk for AT&T customers. 

Let’s look at some of the differences between AT&T and Non-AT&T customers.

AT&T CustomersNon-AT&T Customers
ConnectivityYou should be able to get better connectivity with fewer people on the networkYou might want to go someplace that is not as crowded to get better WiFi
Free WiFiFree WiFi is available, and it is advertisement freeFree WiFi is available with advertisements

Now that you know about the free WiFi available at DFW, here’s how to connect!

How do you Connect to the DFW Airport WiFi?

For those who are not AT&T customers, there are a few steps you have to follow to connect to the airport WiFi. 

  1. Go to where you can connect to WiFi. This should be under “Settings” if you are using your mobile. If you are on a laptop, you will go to the toolbar, find the WiFi symbol, and click on it. 
  2. Select the WiFi network “DFW Airport Complimentary WiFi”.
  3. You will be sent to a login page to register. You will need to register to use the WiFi.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. Type in your email address. This will send you different newsletters and whatnot from the airport. You can always unsubscribe later. 
  6. Start browsing the internet! There is no time limit, except for how long it is to your next flight. 

Remember, you might want to avoid heavily populated areas when connecting to the airport. This will likely decrease internet speed as more people try to access it. 

If you have access, you can also go to multiple lounges to connect with their internet networks or computer rooms. 

Some airlines, like JetBlue, have free WiFi, but others, like, Frontier, do not. Consider this if you need to be connected to WiFi throughout your travels.

Also, remember that this is public WiFi, so you will want to take extra precautions.

What does DFW Airport offer for WiFi and Tech?

We live in such a modern world. Everyone has technology and a lot of people have remote jobs. Besides free WiFi, the DFW airport offers some other features.

If you have difficulty connecting or want a secure connection, consider purchasing a mobile hotspot before your trip.

DFW Charge on the Go Stations

Often, video streaming, background apps, and other such usage can allow your phone or computer to lose power before your flight. Sometimes it happens during your flight.

That is why the Dallas Fort Worth airport has multiple Charge on the Go stations scattered around their terminals. 

These charging stations have both regular and USB ports available. Plus they are free to use! 

DFW App and Accessories

Whether you decide to use the free internet or not, the DFW airport offers the use of their free app. 

On the app, you can get access to their virtual map, flight alerts, parking, shopping, and dining. 

The virtual map can be handy as you navigate this large airport. The airport has multiple terminals, all connected by their shuttle. 

The app can even help you track their shuttle arrivals.

They even have access to a virtual background on their app and website. This is there to help those who work remotely and may need to access their job or video chat while on the go. 

They have many images of the airport and their art to use as background images. That way, the focus can be on you, not the moving background of a bustling airport. 

Connecting to the DFW Free WiFi

Connecting to the free WiFi is fairly simple. You have automatic connection and hotspots for those who are customers of AT&T. While those who don’t can simply sign up. 

The airport also has other technology-rich amenities for those who need charging, access to airport information, and more. 

So whether you are just starting your journey in the Dallas area, or going on grand adventures, just know that staying connected shouldn’t be a problem.