No one wants to purchase a new device only to find out it isn’t compatible with the other smart devices in your home, especially not when we’re talking about the security system protecting your home. With new products coming out almost every day, you have to make sure that the new device you add isn’t too much for your old ones!

Ring recently released a new generation of their Chime and Chime Home Devices, so we looked into both to find out if they were compatible with all of the Ring Doorbell models. We found the answer to that question, plus a few more cool features of both we’d like to share. 

Let’s get started with our findings on the Ring Chime devices. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the Chime and Chime Pro, and discover if they work on all Ring Doorbells!

Does The Ring Chime Work On All Ring Doorbells? 

Yes. Both the Ring Chime and the Ring Chime Pro are compatible with all of the Ring Doorbells. Both models plug into your wall outlet and pair with all Ring Doorbells and Cams through the Ring App.

That answers our original question, but we got curious. What else can the Ring Chime do? And what’s the difference between The Ring Chime and the Ring Chime Pro? We kept looking and we found out there’s more to these smart devices than just hearing your doorbell!

The Ring Chime

The Ring Chime does more than just let you hear your Doorbell more clearly, it also helps connect your Doorbell to all of your Ring devices throughout your home. You can receive notifications via the Ring App from all of your indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as your Motion Sensors and Contact Sensors. 

The Chime is two devices in one, providing the services of a hands-free notification device and a range extender. It is similar in this way to the Ring Alarm Extendor, but you cannot replace the Alarm Extendor with the Ring Chime device. This is because the Alarm Extender uses Z-Wave connecting, not wifi. 

The Chime is also invaluable for assisting you in hearing your Doorbell anywhere in your home. You can install multiple devices throughout your house and link them together to hear your Doorbell anywhere in your home, even if you are not near your phone. 

Chime devices are the easiest to install among the smart security devices Ring provides as well. You simply:

  • Plug them into any wall outlet 
  • Pair them with your Ring App

They will link and pair to each other and all Ring Doorbells and Cams. 

The Ring Chime also includes an adjustable volume capability on each device, as well as a snooze function to customize each Chime for its location. The Chime also has a variety of sound options for traditional and seasonal tones 

The newest generation of the Chime also has an updated design and LED indicators for Set-Up and Power States

The Ring Chime Pro

The Ring Chime Pro comes with all the same features as the Ring Chime, but it has additional functions the smaller version does not. The Chime Pro is still compatible with all Ring Doorbells and links all of your Ring products together, but it has improved product specs and a few extra perks. 

In addition to linking all of your devices together, the Chime Pro also boosts the wifi connection to your other Ring devices. This assists in keeping all of your devices connected and helps to make sure you receive notifications in real-time without the need to keep your phone with you everywhere.

The Pro also has two options for connecting to your wifi by allowing the device to use both a 2.4GHZ radio frequency and the 5.0GHZ frequency most smartphones now use. This Dual Band Wifi connection helps to circumvent the common problem of needing to change the frequency on your phone, which can be a hassle when connecting multiple devices. 

Chime Pro also includes a built-in nightlight, and it also features guided feedback to assist you in placing the Chime Pro in the correct locations to optimize the wifi connections of your Ring devices. 

Wrapping It Up

It’s important to know how a new smart security device will integrate with your existing devices before you make your purchase. You need to be confident that your entire system is working together to keep you secure and informed. 

Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro both have a lot of key features worth noting, and with this article, you can proceed with confidence because you know them all. We have answered the important question of whether the Ring Chime devices work with all Ring Doorbells, and the answer is a resounding yes!