The ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing smart home system is a prominent feature with many security devices, and Blink is no exception. Automation with smart home security allows homeowners to easily access numerous devices, all with a simple voice command. With this in mind, I wanted to find out if and how Blink works with Alexa and other Amazon smart tech available.

Blink is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices, including the Echo, Dot, and Fire TV Stick, providing users with convenience and automation. Configuration and integration are intuitive and user friendly, making Blink a great addition to your Alexa ecosystem.

Using Blink security cameras in conjunction with Alexa-enabled devices allows you to access various features, many with a simple voice command. This article focuses on providing insight into Blink’s compatibility with Alexa and some tips for setting up your system.

Tips for Using Blink Cameras with Alexa-Enabled Devices

Devices compatible with Alexa have various functionalities, meant to provide users with automation and easy access to their integrated systems. Controlling your Blink security camera is just a simple voice command away with Alexa-enabled devices.

Let’s look at some tips for enabling Blink devices with your Alexa system, as well as some helpful voice commands to get you started.

How to Enable Blink SmartHome Skill

The Alexa App (required to sync devices) uses the term “Skills” to refer to applications that can be added to your Alexa ecosystem. The Skills allow Alexa to communicate and recognize your Blink camera (or other Alexa-enabled devices).

Here are some steps to enable the Blink Skill with the Alexa app:

  1. In the Alexa app, open the menu button located on the bottom right corner.
  2. Next, locate “Blink SmartHome” and select the associated “Skill.”
  3. Press the “Enable to Use” button on the Blink SmartHome page.

After you have enabled the Blink SmartHome Skill, you will be prompted for your Blink account login information. You will also be asked to create a 4-digit Alexa PIN code for additional security. Once these steps have been completed, the Alexa app will connect to your Blink account, allowing the devices to communicate.

Using Voice Commands

One of the most convenient features of Alexa-enabled devices is their ability to access functions with voice commands. These features provide an additional level of automation and control over your devices.

Alexa recognizes a wide range of voice commands catered to operating your Blink security cameras. Whether you’re looking to arm your system or check your devices’ status, voice commands provide seamless automation with your system.

Let’s look at some of the voice commands supported by Alexa for your Blink security cameras:

Note: Commands begin with “Alexa, ask Blink…”; otherwise, Alexa will not recognize the command.

Non-Screen Alexa Devices (Echo, Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, etc.)

  • Arming and Disarming Your System
  • Checking the Status of Your Blink Devices
  • Accessing Scheduling Information
  • Getting Updates on Latest Motion Clips

Alexa Devices with Screens (Echo Show, Echo Spot, etc.)

  • Access (and Exit) Live View
  • View Most Recent Motion Capture

If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown and examples of phrasing for voice commands, Blink Support offers a helpful article here for additional reference.

Now that we have a better understanding of Blink’s compatibility with Alexa devices, let’s take a closer look at some tips for setting up your system.

Using Blink with a Fire TV Stick

Suppose you hear the mailman at your door and want to see if your package was delivered? You can simply ask Alexa to show your Blink security footage directly on your TV with the Fire TV Stick.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick allows users to stream media directly to your TV. The device plugs directly into your current TV (USB input required).

Getting your Blink cameras setup with a Fire TV Stick is straightforward and intuitive as well. Assuming you’ve already enabled the Blink SmartHome Skill, you can sync your devices via the Alexa app on your phone or tablet.

Using Blink with Echo Show

If you’re using Alexa-enabled devices with screens like the Echo Show, you’re only a few steps away from connecting to your Blink security cameras.

Once you’ve enabled the Blink SmartHome Skill, you can follow the Alexa app’s on-screen instructions to sync your Blink camera to an Echo Show (or other similar Alexa-enabled devices).

Accessing Video Features

With voice command and video capabilities on the Echo Show, users can access live footage from Blink cameras directly on their device. Additionally, you can ask Alexa to show the most recent video activity or motion detection on the Echo Show, allowing you to monitor your system from anywhere in your home.

In Summary

Many homeowners use or are familiar with smart home technology. One of the most prominent smart home ecosystems is Amazon’s Alexa. Blink security cameras are not only compatible with Alexa but can use it to access a variety of helpful features designed to provide additional control and automation to your system.