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Does August Connect Work With Multiple Locks?

Last Updated Mar 14, 2022
August connect bridge wifi

One of the most used and highest regarded smart locks out right now is the August Smart Lock Pro. It does not require you to replace an entire deadbolt as it attached to your existing lock and is a quick and easy way to smarten up the entrances of your home.

Having multiple August Smart Locks would make sense in many homes for sure!

The August Smart Lock Pro requires the August Connect to access a lot of functionality of the lock like remote access and notifications. It is basically the hub for the lock that connects it to your homes wi-fi.

Does the August Connect work with multiple locks? Unfortunately, each August lock does require a dedicated August Connect device. You can bypass the August Connect if you have a hub like SmartThings but you will lose some functionality.

The August Smart Lock Pro is a really great addition to your smart home but why is the connect so important? Let’s get into that now.

How does August Connect Work?

The August Smart Lock will sense when your phone, or apple watch, is approaching and will automatically unlock the door for you. You, of course, would have that feature enabled, but definitely helpful for all of your homes exterior doors.

That feature is actually powered through Bluetooth. Without the August Connect, it is about the only feature you will have access to.

The Connect acts as a hub and is the bridge to the wi-fi. It is what gives the lock it smarts. It allows for the features and abilities we all want from our smart devices.

The August Connect brings most of the functionality to the party. It connects the lock to your wi-fi to allow for remote controlling and notifications like ‘door ajar’ and when a guest locks or unlocks a door. It plugs directly into the wall and is meant to be 15-30 feet away from the lock it is connected to. Learn how the August Smart Lock is powered here.

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect on Amazon

If you have the keypad that pairs nicely with the August Smart Locks, you can send the key code to your guests so they can get in to your home.

The August Connect was designed to work with the August Smart Lock and is not a stand-alone unit.

The August Connect also allows the lock to be linked to your home assistant. You can ask Alexa: Is the front door unlocked?

If it is unlocked you can simply ask Alexa to lock it for you.

Is There Any Way Around The August Connect?

The August Smart also supports the Z-Wave protocol. The August Smart Locks are compatible with Nest, Google Home, Alexa and Homekit. Each one of these have restrictions that require the August Connect.

There are other options besides the August Connect but are they that great. That’s really up to you to decide.

Homekit Hub

If you are using Homekit, you will be able to bypass the Connect. You will need to have an Ipad or Apple TV in range of course. You will still need the Connect if you want to enable voice control. You will not be able to ask Siri if the front door is locked without it.

The good thing about using Homekit is that it is very easy to set up. check out this video of the install process:

SmartThings Hub

The Samsung SmartThings is another option to bypass the August Connect. Again, you will be losing out on some of the features and functionality. With SmartThings, you will not be able to send guests access keys or pin codes if you also have the August Keypad.

You will also lose the ability to get some notifications like door ajar and when certain people lock or unlock the door. If you are using IFTTT or Stringify, they will require the Connect.

Wrapping It Up

Each of your August Smart Locks will require an August Connect. They were built to work in tandem. The Connect is a wi-fi bridge that connects your lock to your phone no matter where you are. The Connect also enables every single feature the smart lock has.

If you have one smart lock in your house, get the August Connect. If you have multiple August locks in your home, get a Connect for each lock. They really are not that expensive and if you are going to have a smart lock, make sure you have access to all of its features.

The August Connect also lets you send out guest keys. If you have the August Smart Keypad, you will also be able to send those codes out as well. Again, don’t lose out on all of this functionality. Spend the extra few bucks on the Connect. Trust me, it is worth it!

Does The August Smart Keypad Require a Connect?

The August Smart Keypad communicates with the smart lock through Bluetooth. It does not require the August Connect for the most basic function of the keypad, which is unlocking the door with a code.

The August Smart Keypad
The August Smart Keypad on Amazon

You will need a Connect if you are hoping to retain a log of the people who come and go and the times they are using the lock.

Does the August Smart Lock Work Without Wi-Fi?

The August Smart Lock does work without an internet connection. It relies on your phone’s location and Bluetooth to lock and unlock the door. What the Connect does is allow your smart lock to connect to the internet. It is a wi-fi bridge that allows for all of the smart features this lock has to be used.

What happens To The August Smart Lock When The Power Goes Out?

The August Smart Lock is battery powered (read more about that here). What that means is it is not affected by power outages. The lock also uses Bluetooth to sense your phone and unlock the door, another feature that is not affected by a power outage.

The only power outage you have to worry about is the batteries dying. If that were to happen, you would still have the ability to use your physical keys as the smart lock does not completely replace your door’s deadbolt.

You do get low battery alerts so if the locks battery ever does die, its kind of your fault. Stay on top of it and there won’t be any problems.

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