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Does Amazon Halo Band Tell Time?

Last Updated Aug 3, 2022
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Smart watches and similar devices serve multiple purposes, such as telling time while doing a great job of tracking fitness and activities.

The Amazon Halo Band does not tell time, as it doesn’t have a screen. While some might prefer their fitness tracker to have a screen so they will be able to check stuff like time and activities, the halo band is just an unassuming band.

Let’s look at this in-depth and discuss other features of the Amazon Halo Band. Also, we’ll review the device and see if it is worth the price.

Does Amazon Halo Band Tell Time?

For all its qualities, the Amazon Halo Band doesn’t tell time. It is exactly what its name suggests—A band with a sensor module. The sensor module is the one that tracks all your movement and activities and sends them to the halo app. It also has a Bluetooth feature that allows it to connect to your mobile device via the halo app.

The band is a simple device without a screen to show any such thing as time or even an activity monitor. Rather, you can monitor and check your activity data by using the Halo app that works in tandem with the band.

While some might find it disappointing that the device doesn’t have a screen, it was purposefully designed to act as nothing but a measuring and monitoring device. The band is different from many of its competitors in focusing on lifestyle changes rather than just sports and exercise.

Features Of Amazon Halo Band

The halo band is a simple band with a button on it that acts as a power button and can also be used for other purposes like resetting the band. One of the most interesting features of the halo band is the body fat measurement and voice emotion analysis.

Body Fat Measurement

This feature allows the halo app to measure your body fat using a 3-D model of your body built from four head-to-ankle pictures taken from different angles. The app then uses machine learning to estimate body fat.

Amazon claims that this measurement method is as accurate as the method used by doctors to measure body fat. While this claim can neither be confirmed nor negated, the body fat measurement is pretty accurate. However, there are certain concerns about the feature, which include the possible privacy issues of uploading almost naked pictures of oneself on the cloud.

Amazon says that the pictures are deleted immediately after the model is built, but it is hard to take any big tech company for its word. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you will like the feature.

Voice Tone Analysis

On the other hand, the voice emotion analysis works by the halo band listening to your voice throughout the day and using this to report your emotional state. The microphones will stay unused if you don’t opt for the service.

Once you opt-in, the halo app will ask you to read back some text to it so it can identify your voice. After that, it will listen to your voice at intervals. You can mute the microphones by pressing and holding the button until the LED light blinks red to show that it’s muted.

Again, Amazon says that the voice is not uploaded to their server, so there are no privacy concerns. Rather, the band intermittently sends voice snippets to the Halo app for analysis.

Amazon Halo Band – A Cursory Look

The Halo Band costs roughly a hundred dollars, and the Halo service currently costs $3.99 per month. This service is required if you want to use the advanced features of the band, like the suit of “labs” developed by Amazon partners.

These labs include short challenges like basic exercise routines, improving sleep routines, and meditation designed to improve your health habits. The sensor module doesn’t support connectivity technologies like WiFi, GPS, or cellular radio, which is a sign that the device is built to be a passive tracker.

The water-resistant sensor module features an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light, and a button to turn the microphones on or off. The microphones aren’t there for you to speak to Alexa, as the halo band doesn’t have Alexa integration. Rather, the microphones are there for the voice tone feature of the band. The halo band has a very powerful battery that lasts up to a week after full charging.


The Amazon halo band doesn’t have a screen, so you can’t check the time on it. The band was designed to feature only the sensors that monitor your activities and the Bluetooth to connect and sync with the app. If you want to monitor time, you will have to use a regular watch.

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