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Does ADT Have Floodlight Cameras?

Last Updated Mar 4, 2022
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Floodlight cameras are a practical way to combine the high-intensity light of floodlights with the safety that home security cameras bring. Together, they can illuminate the darkest areas around a property and help discover trespassers and any other unwanted visitors. But does the popular smart home company ADT offer cameras with floodlights built-in?

ADT does not offer security cameras with floodlights built-in. That being said, it is relatively easy to purchase and install floodlights to complement your home security needs.  Additionally, other home security services offer floodlight cameras.

To facilitate your decision on which products to buy and how to install them, we will first provide some routes to take, followed by information on how the installation process works. Lastly, we will provide some extra information on smart plugs and switches: a great way to simplify how you access your floodlight cameras with ADT.

Does ADT Have Floodlights?

At the moment, ADT does not offer a product that combines floodlights with their home security cameras. Therefore, people who want the floodlight experience for their home security will need to buy them separately (Or through a different company that incorporates both into one product).

If you are reading this article with the intent of purchasing a home security system and having an outdoor security camera with floodlights is a priority, ADT may not be the best option. The additional installation of a floodlight on top of the camera may be unreasonable, so what other options remain?

Alternative Floodlight Options

There are two main routes to combating the fact that ADT does not offer their own floodlights cameras:

  1. If you have an ADT camera already set up, you can purchase a floodlight and smart switch that will enable you to control the floodlight independently from your ADT Pulse or ADT Command platform. If you need to purchase an ADT camera, this list (provided by Zion Security) should help.
  2. If you want to skip the “DIY” aspect of having a floodlight camera, other companies offer floodlight cameras. Here is a list of popular floodlight cameras on Amazon. The most popular alternative is the Ring Flood light Camera. (Learn more about the Ring Floodlight Camera here.)

The second route is pretty straightforward: you will buy the camera and then set it up in the corresponding smart home interface it offers. However, if ADT already secures your home, your options are limited. Despite this, obtaining and setting up a floodlight camera is not too difficult.

Getting Started with Installing a Floodlight with ADT

If you have an ADT security camera but want a floodlight to illuminate what the camera sees, you can simply buy a floodlight and manually install it. The basic installation process for getting your floodlight up and running is essentially the same across most products. To help achieve this, this simple guide gets right to the point on how to install most floodlight cameras.

But, if you are still unsure of exactly how to install your new light, consult your users’ manual or contact the product’s tech support department. If installing the floodlight yourself is not practical, hiring someone to do it for you is the remaining viable option. They should also work with you to ensure that the floodlight is situated close enough to the camera to provide light assistance.

Using Smart Switches and Plugs to Access Floodlights with ADT

Rather than remind yourself to manually activate and deactivate the lights every day, buying a smart plug or smart switch could help.

Smart switches and smart plugs are great purchases to make for minimizing your work with your new floodlights. The smart switch acts like a regular switch, where through your ADT interface, you can schedule your lights to turn on and off whenever you like, all through your smart device. Plugs work in a similar way, controlling when and when not to supply power to your lights. ADT does offer a smart plug that can be purchased here.

Ultimately, smart switches and plugs are not necessary for controlling your floodlights. That being said, they can certainly reduce your need to remember to activate and deactivate them daily, making your life just a little easier.

Final Thoughts

ADT does not offer floodlight cameras, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding a reasonable alternative. Installing floodlights for your security camera to source light from and then linking them to your ADT app or a similar app via a smart switch or plug is a great solution. Also, if you can install these lights yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars of installation fees.

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