Does Adding More Eeros Increase Speed?

eero wifi extender systemeero wifi extender system

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For those of you who have decided to pick up a mesh Wi-Fi system: congratulations! You’re closer to the future than you are to the past. However, having a mesh Wi-Fi system doesn’t magically make your issues go away; even with a mesh system like the Amazon Eero, there can still be some issues with speed and connectivity. But what if you add more Eero routers?

Adding more Eero routers may or may not increase your Wi-Fi speed. If you’re noticing that some areas of your house are getting slower speeds than others, then adding an additional Eero or two can help the situation. However, adding too many will cause traffic issues for your Wi-Fi.

Adding more Eero routers follows the law of diminishing returns; however, adding too many Eeros will cause your returns on Wi-Fi speed to dip into a net negative. This means that you’ll see slower speeds by adding too many Eeros. Therefore, depending on what is causing the speed to drop, adding an Eero can help (or harm) the performance of your Eero mesh system.

What Does Adding More Eeros Do?

The Eero mesh system is a consumer-friendly system that allows you to plug it in and gain access to the fastest Wi-Fi channel available per device. However, there are times when you might experience a reduction in speed from the device. If this happens, you can try running a speed test (via to see what the speeds are like around the house. If they’re different, then you might want to consider adding an Eero.

An additional Eero router will improve speeds by improving the coverage in your home. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi is unable to reach certain “dead zones” in the home, and this prevents you from getting access to your wireless network’s usual speeds. What adding an Eero router will do in this case is improve how much access you have to the highest speed connection in each physical location, and thus, your Wi-Fi connection gets faster in those dead spaces.

This works something like this: if you just own one Eero router, and you stand next to it, you’ll get the best speed possible in your house. As you physically move away from it, your speed (and signal strength) will gradually decrease until you are out of range, leaving you with no connection whatsoever.

However, if you add a second Eero, that’s within range of the first one, that Eero will be able to “talk” to the gateway and provide extended range. This is why Eero’s TrueMesh system is so valuable. With it, you can extend your range, preserve your speed, and eliminate dead zones in your house.

Can You Have too Many Eeros?

However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. As you keep adding Eeros to cover larger areas of your home, you’ll run into a problem: Wi-Fi has its limits, and adding too many routers will eventually overwhelm these limits.

So while having around three Eeros could boost the performance of your connection, having more than 10 Eero routers (which, frankly, is an excessive number of routers to have in a house, to begin with) will likely cause the traffic between the routers to run into some complications.

Not only will this diminish returns on the speed of your connection, but it also can cause you to experience even slower speeds than you had at the start. The ideal scenario is to start off with two to three Eero routers, run a speed test throughout your house, and decide from there whether you need to buy more and/or move the routers around. There’s no sense in paying for more routers than you need, but it’s also essential to make sure that the coverage in your house is as good as it can be.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, more is better, but there can also be too much of a good thing. With the Amazon Eero mesh system, striking the right balance of routers to coverage is key to getting the most out of the device. Although mesh Wi-Fi systems provide coverage that surpasses the traditional Wi-Fi extenders, they’re not entirely perfect.

If the issue that you’re having with your Eero mesh system is more about the physical locations of the routers rather than the software that Eero provides, it may be worth it to invest in another Eero device. However, if you’re already the owner of quite a few Eero routers, the problem may lie elsewhere. You might want to call your internet service provider or see if unplugging and plugging in your modem helps the situation.

Whatever the problem, we all have a need for speed when it comes to our internet connections. Hopefully, this gives you more insight into what you can do to satisfy your Wi-Fi needs.

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