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Does A VTech Baby Monitor Need WiFi?

Last Updated Aug 24, 2022
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You’re getting ready to welcome your first child into the world. Having a baby is the most exciting, heartwarming experience that can happen to anybody. It can also be quite eventful and overwhelming. So can be deciding what baby clothes and necessities to buy. Not to mention the many questions about them, such as does a VTech monitor need WiFi?

The VTech baby monitor does work with and without WiFi. While it isn’t completely independent of WiFi without some assistance, it can be used without WiFi.

Read on to find out about using a VTech baby monitor without WiFi. Can you or can’t you? How can you use a VTech baby monitor without WiFi? All that and so much more.

Does a VTech Baby Monitor Use WiFi?

A VTech baby monitor can be used with and without WiFi. VTech can also be used remotely through Router mode that can easily be established on your parent unit.

Your VTech baby monitor can be used in one of two ways:

  1. In Direct WiFi mode where the parent and baby unit communicate directly together. 
  2. You can use your baby monitor in router mode. This mode will have to be turned on and automatically used if the baby unit loses connection.

While not completely free of WiFi dependence, you can still keep an eye on your precious little one if you do not have WiFi.

VTech is very technology savvy and will protect your baby at all times, so you can worry about being the best mommy or daddy in the whole wide world.

Other cool things your VTech baby monitor can do with WiFi are work with Alexa, and you can even view your baby monitor remotely. You can always keep an eye on your baby, even with another caregiver.

How Do VTech Baby Monitors Work Without WiFi?

One of the many questions you may have about your VTech baby monitor is how it works without WiFi. As long as you’re inside of your home, your baby monitor will run off of its own WiFi connection.

The main way VTech can function without WiFi is: with Direct WiFi mode

Direct WiFi mode is the default operating mode of VTech baby monitors. In Direct WiFi mode, the parent unit and baby unit communicate directly together.

As long as you’re inside of your home, your baby monitor will run off of its own WiFi connection, and both the baby and parent units will be able to communicate together.

Having Direct WiFi with your VTech baby monitor can be significantly important. It can also be a big stress reliever.

Especially in bad weather that may cause power outages causing you to lose WiFi. With WiFi Direct, your device and your baby’s device will still maintain communication.

How to Use Your VTech Baby Monitor in Both Modes

Always make sure your unit is updated with the latest software and firmware. For the baby unit, these updates are installed automatically if you’re hooked up to home WiFi.

Then, decide which mode you’d like to use– Direct WiFi mode or Router mode. You don’t have to permanently commit to a specific mode and can easily go back and forth between the two.

How to Use Your VTech Baby Monitor in Direct WiFi Mode:

Direct WiFi mode is the default mode with VTech and doesn’t require any setup. Soon your VTech device is on, Direct WiFi mode is on.

This is the easiest way to use your VTech baby monitor. As long as you’re at home with your baby, the parent unit and the baby unit will communicate together through Direct WiFi mode.

Any updates on your devices will still need to come from a WiFi connection, so even if you’re strictly using Direct WiFi mode, you still need to update it.

How to Use Your VTech Baby Monitor in Router Mode:

Router mode is used to access your baby unit from other devices such as a phone or tablet. In this mode, your baby unit communicates through your device’s connection.

Once Router mode is established, you will then have remote access and be able to connect your other devices to the baby unit. To turn on router mode:

  • Go into the settings from your parent unit.
  • In settings, it will be under the Configure WiFi option on the parent unit menu.

Through Router mode, your baby monitor can be operated for internal monitoring either through Direct WiFi or Router mode without affecting your remote access.


Your VTech baby monitor allows you to access your baby unit via Direct WiFi mode or remotely through Router mode.

VTech also keeps you protected in the event of your WiFi connection being lost in either mode. Direct WiFi mode will kick in, and your parent unit and the baby unit will go back to communicating directly.

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