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Do You Need An Antenna For Toshiba TV?

Last Updated Feb 16, 2022

In our modern world, it’s sometimes easy to forget that not all of your favorite shows, movies, news, and sports have to come through a cable wire or across the internet on a streaming service. There are still local stations out there transmitting. Your Toshiba TV can pick them up once you learn how.

Yes, you will need an antenna for your Toshiba TV to pick up local stations without a cable wire or streaming service. Many factors will determine the size and strength of the antenna you’ll require.

Getting a signal is easy. What to do with it when you have it can be a bit trickier, but not to worry. We’ll cover the basics for you.

The Antenna’s Role In The Digital World

There may come a time when we can’t imagine seeing those huge TV antennas on the sides of older houses. Some have been around so long they’ve become neighborhood icons. What’s funny is, they still work the same as the day they were installed.

An antenna’s function is simple. It receives a signal and delivers it to your TV. However, how that process happens has changed quite a bit over the years. 

Digital vs. Analog

On June 12, 2009, full-power analog TV broadcasting in the United States came to an end. All stations are required by law to broadcast using a digital signal (DTV). The good news is those big TV antennas are just as good at capturing a DTV signal as they were at capturing UHF and VHF.

Is My TV Digital?

All TVs manufactured later than 2007 must include a digital tuner by law. Analog tuners are, therefore, few and far between. Any television that says “HDTV” is a digital TV, which is virtually every set available on the market in 2022.

Can My Analog TV Still Get a Signal?

Yes, if you have an older analog Toshiba TV, you can still get a signal, but you’ll need a digital converter box, or an antenna equipped with a converter. 

Is An Outdoor Antenna Better Than An Indoor Antenna?

That depends on where you live more than anything else. If you’re new to an area, you can check with AntennaWeb to see how many stations you have and how strong a signal they send.

Once you understand your available options, you can figure out what size antenna you need. Chances are if your new place has one of those big old antennas, you’re going to be just fine. 

What Antennas Work Best With Toshiba TVs?

TV antennas are designed to work with any brand. Toshiba doesn’t make its own version of a TV antenna and will therefore work with any brand you choose.

Before choosing your antenna, you want to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases. You’ve already determined how many stations you can get and how far away they are; now it’s time to match it up with the proper antenna.

In most cases, you’ll find an indoor antenna that picks up your local stations just fine. The more rural you are, the further away the signal will be. The landscape matters as well. If there’s a mountain between you and the signal, that’s going to be a problem.

Once you determine your specific needs, finding the right antenna for your Toshiba will be a walk in the park.

Set Your Toshiba TV Up For Antenna

The final step to getting a signal from your local station to your TV is to auto-tune the set. Auto-tuning a TV is common practice and will be an easy function to perform on any Toshiba TV.

While it would be impossible to show the specific instructions for every Toshiba set on the market, the basics will be the same. On many sets, simply selecting “ANT/CABLE” from the input selection will begin the setup process for you.

If not, follow these steps using your remote control:

  • Press the “menu” button.
  • Using the arrow buttons, scroll down to “settings” and press “select.”
  • Scroll down to “setup” and press “select.”
  • Scroll down to “ant/cable” and press “select.”
  • Select “ANT.”
  • Select “Auto Tuning.”

Your set will then ask you if you want to proceed. Selecting “yes” will erase any stored channels and begin the process. Leave your TV on until it completes the setup, or you’ll have to start the process from the beginning.

Can I Setup An Antenna On A Toshiba TV Without A Remote?

Yes, you can set up your Toshiba without a remote by using the buttons on the front or side, depending on your model. Look for a button that says “menu” and use the channel up and down buttons to scroll. The volume up and down buttons scroll left and right on menus with that option.

If you don’t find that an antenna works well for you, you can always get a Toshiba Fire TV and work through the apps to possibly find local streaming services.

Don’t Let The Idea Of An Antenna Scare You

Most likely, using an antenna with your Toshiba TV will be as easy as using any other plug-and-play device. As long as you find the right antenna for where you live, enjoying what free television broadcasts have to offer is a breeze.

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