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Do You Need An Antenna For TCL TV

Last Updated Feb 12, 2022

You just got a new TCL TV and have it all set up. It is connected to the internet, and you can access all your streaming applications. But like many of the older TVs, do you need an antenna for this television brand?

The short answer is no. You do not need to buy an antenna and attach it to your TCL TV. You will still have access to many channels via your streaming devices that an antenna isn’t necessary, but some prefer having one.

Although an antenna is not imperative, you can still install an antenna. It has many perks, even though it isn’t much. This is everything you need to know about the antenna and your television.

Do You Need An Antenna For TCL TV

No, you do not need an antenna for your TCL TV. Now, many televisions don’t need an antenna because everything is based on the internet. There aren’t many TVs that are not considered smart.

With the internet today, you can access all sorts of movies and shows more than when you use an antenna. You are also able to get access to live TV. The same goes through your Roku TCL TV.

When you register your TV with Roku, you will access many streaming channels, including live channels. It may not give you the local channels, but you can still access many other shows and movies.

Does An Antenna Make A Difference?

Although you may not need an antenna, you will find that it can make a difference. If you enjoy watching the local channels or live TV, an antenna may be for you. Adding this attachment will only give you these channels.

Benefits Of An Antenna

An antenna is great if you don’t have internet or satellite television. You can use the antenna during bad weather when the internet is down, or the satellite isn’t connecting. It is great to keep up with that bad weather to ensure nothing too bleak is coming your way.

Cons Of An Antenna

The antenna has its limits, so you won’t be accessing the hundreds to thousands of movies and shows that other streaming services have to offer. It is limited in this sense and probably only has anywhere between ten to twenty extra channels.

This can also add clutter to your entertainment system, and it will need to be set somewhere with the best signal. Sometimes that means setting it in a window. And an antenna doesn’t add to the aesthetics of your room.

How To Set Up An External Antenna

Setting up an antenna used to be a challenge for anyone. You had to be specific, and sometimes, to boost the signal, you had to add a soda can. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about adding these home remedies to better your signal.

The steps to are simple and don’t need any special skills to attach it to your TV. Here are the steps you need to take to set up an external antenna:

  • Read over the manual to see if there is anything special for your antenna.
  • Hook the cord to the antenna out.
  • Plug in the antenna to a power resource.
  • Set the antenna where you want.
  • Turn on your TV.
  • Select the “antenna” input.
  • Scan for channels.
  • Start watching your favorite local channels.

If your television doesn’t pick up any channels, you will need to readjust the antenna and try scanning again. Do this until you find the best position for your antenna. Some placements may give you a set of channels, while another area gives you other channels.

Best Place To Put An Antenna

Unlike other smart devices, an antenna needs to be set in the best area where it can receive a signal. It is similar to the idea that a router’s signal gets weaker as you get further away from it. This is the same idea with an antenna but on a larger scale.

Placing the antenna in the correct spot will get you the most channels. You will find that the location can change the number of channels your TV receives. Here are the best locations to put your antenna:

  • Near the ceiling.
  • On the outside wall of your home.
  • Near the window.
  • Away from any devices that could disrupt the signal.

Try different locations to see what gives you the best option. Sometimes your roofing can affect the signal. Metal roofs are more prone to disrupt the signal, and you may need to put the antenna in the window.


An antenna is not necessary to add to your TCL television, but it can add more live channels. It can offer you a resource of shows and local channels during bad weather or give you free access to live TV that may not be available on streaming services.

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