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Do You Need a Roku Account for Sharp TV

Last Updated Mar 3, 2022

Sharp has been putting out Smart TVs for many years now. All of these Smart TVs come with their own selection of applications that can be used along with the TV, and the option to download more apps if you would like. Roku is also a popular application for TVs today. This may make you wonder, can you get Roku on Sharp TV? And, if so, do you need an account?

If your Sharp TV model supports Roku, you will need to make an account to activate the streaming service. However, this option only comes with certain models of Sharp TV. If the Roku service does not come with the TV, the streaming feature can be added.

For Sharp TVs that are not Smart TVs, a Roku device is a great addition that turns your TV into a Smart TV. For those who already have a Sharp Smart TV, a Roku account can bring more streaming services to the customer.

Benefits of Using Roku With Sharp TV

If your TV already has the Roku availability, you are already aware of what it has to offer. If it doesn’t, and you are thinking of purchasing a Roku device, let’s look at what additional features it adds to your viewing experience.

Roku allows you to subscribe to streaming services such as:

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV

These streaming services may not be available even if you have a Sharp Smart TV. Roku requires that you have a WiFi connection, and even comes with its own remote to operate the service.

Roku’s Content Selection

Roku currently provides over 4,500 channels of content for your pleasure. Some content is free, while some other content requires a subscription to make it available to view.

More channel selection and availability is usually why people choose a Roku device if their TV does not include one. Roku simply delivers more content that regular Smart TV’s can’t compete with. Even if you choose a different manufacturer than Sharp for your Smart TV, none of them come with the lineup that a Roku streaming service provides to the user.

Roku’s lineup is constantly changing. While your Smart TV may have a preset offering as to what’s available, Roku’s is adapting to the latest and greatest offerings available. Having a Roku ensures that you get the newest capabilities in streaming service at all times.

Roku’s Performance

Even if you have a Smart TV, a Roku device, as you see, can be a great addition to your home setup.

Not only does a Roku device provide more content for you and your family, but it also outperforms a standard Smart TV. Roku devices operate faster and with less lag than a standard Smart TV. The processing power of a Roku device outpowers the processor of a regular TV’s streaming service.

Manufacturers are known to adapt to streaming devices first before adapting to different brands of TV. What does this mean for you? If you have a Roku device, manufacturers provide new applications and updates for streaming devices before they standardize the features that are made available for each brand of TV.

They can do all this on the fly with an update to your Roku device, ensuring you aren’t left behind with last month’s content lineup.

Low Cost of Ownership

Let’s face it, Smart TV’s can be expensive to replace. If you are relying on your Smart TV that does not have Roku on it, it will eventually become outdated with the streaming service it currently has.

Roku always stays up to date, allowing you to keep that older model TV, but still enjoy the luxury of having the newest features and content available. This keeps it comparable to having a new TV at all times without having to spend all the money it costs to upgrade.

Roku Features

Roku not only provides an additional streaming service but also adds to the experience of your TV watching by adding features such as voice control. 

If you aren’t a fan of a remote, you can use the voice control to navigate the menu and select content in a fraction of the time it would take using a remote. Roku also has remote control headphone output. This is great if you don’t want to disturb others in the room with your viewing or like to have privacy while watching TV.

And as far as sound goes, certain Roku devices support Dolby Atmos and High Dynamic Range (HDR). Certain models even have a locator as a feature, just in case you lose the external device.


Your Sharp TV may just have Roku included in its features. If so, great! You’re one step ahead of most Smart TV owners and can enjoy all the benefits your Roku enabled device provides.

If not, the option to purchase the affordable Roku streaming service is there, with all the capabilities we talked about. In regular HD and 4K, the Roku streaming device will allow you access to content previously unavailable without an account.