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Do You Need A Roku Account For Element TV?

Last Updated Apr 11, 2022
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Element televisions are quickly becoming an extremely popular choice among consumers because of their affordable price point, satisfactory picture quality, and their partnership with Roku. Roku, a streaming service, allows you to connect via your Element TV to hours upon hours of movies, games, and TV shows with just a click on your remote. But you may be wondering: do you need a Roku account for an Element TV?

If you want to use the Roku streaming option on your Element TV, then you will need a Roku account. However, creating one is incredibly easy, it is always free to sign up, and there are no monthly fees. 

To learn how to create a Roku account, what Roku has to offer, and how to use your Element TV to enjoy this easy-to-use streaming device to enjoy endless home entertainment, keep reading! We have absolutely everything you need to know right here.

What is Roku?

Roku is a digital streaming device that is pre-installed into most Element televisions. This internal program will allow you to watch hundreds of titles with just the click of a button!

From movies to TV shows, sports games to actual games, and even news channels, there is no shortage of options when it comes to entertainment. Luckily, when you purchase an Element TV with Roku, the service is free to use! All you need to do is set up an account. 

How to Set Up a Roku Account on Element TV

Element televisions are known for being extremely user-friendly. When you turn on your Element TV for the first time, it will automatically prompt you to set it up to your specifications. 

Before you create an account, you will first need to activate the Roku program on your television. Here’s what you will see on your screen: 

  • Select your language.
  • Click on your location. 
  • Choose your WiFi network. 
  • Enter your password and select CONNECT.

From here, you need to have access to a smartphone, computer, or tablet with an internet connection. 

  • Type in the link listed on the screen into your smart device.
  • Enter the code on the TV screen on your smart device. 

Roku should now be activated! The next step is to sign in or create an account. 

How to Sign Into Your Roku Account

If you do not already have a Roku account, you can skip ahead to the next section. However, if you do have one, signing in is incredibly simple!

All you need to do is navigate to the Roku app by either pressing the Roku button on your remote or using the remote to select the app. 

From there, you will be prompted to enter your email and password. That’s all there is to it! You should now be able to enjoy streaming anything your heart desires from the Roku app! 

How to Create a Roku Account

There are two easy ways to create a Roku account: directly through the app on your Element TV or through the Roku website on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. 

On your Element TV, when you open the Roku app, you will either be able to sign in with an existing account or you will be prompted to create an account. 

One important thing to note is that when you do create an account with your name, email, and password, you may be asked to enter your payment information. Putting in your card information does not mean that you will be charged! Roku is a free service included with your Element TV. 

While you can opt-out of entering your payment information, there are some options within the app for programs, channels, or games that may require a one-time payment. If your information is already saved, you will not ever have to enter it for a purchase. 

There is also another option, which is to create an account on your smart device on the Roku website and then simply sign-in on the Roku app on your Element TV.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to using technological devices, brilliant companies such as Roku and Element are making the lives of consumers easier and easier by the day! 

Now you know the answer to our original question: do you need a Roku account for an Element TV is that yes, you will need a Roku account in order to use the app. Fortunately, you now also know how to sign in, how to create an account, and how Roku works. 

And the best news is that even though you need to sign in to use the Roku app, it is a free service! You can even skip putting in your credit card information when you sign in so there are no surprises on your bill.