Do You Have to Charge an Apple AirTag?

Apple airtag on wooden deskApple airtag on wooden desk

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Apple AirTags are an amazing way to keep track of things you lose often. Most people choose to hook them to a wallet or car keys. You can then use Find My from your iOS device to find the lost device. Since the AirTags are so useful and easy to use, you might be wondering if they need to be charged and, if so, how often.

The Apple AirTag cannot be charged. They were designed with CR2032 batteries rather than with a charging port. So, when the Apple AirTag dies, you will need to buy new batteries and swap out the old ones.

Below, we’ll cover how you can tell when it’s time to replace the battery and how to do so, as well as where you can purchase compatible batteries.

How Long Does the Apple AirTag Battery Last?

Apple says the Apple Air Tag’s battery should last about a year before you need to change it. So, with moderate use, you should be able to get a year’s use out of the device before you’ll need to head to the store to get new batteries.

Can I Check My AirTag’s Battery Level?

It’s always a good idea to know the current charge of your AirTag Battery so that it doesn’t die before you realize it.

Follow these steps to ensure you always know your Apple AirTag’s battery level:

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. Select the Items tab.
  3. Tap the name of the AirTag of the battery you want to check.
  4. Click the battery icon under the name of the AirTag.
  5. If the charge is low, the banner will say “Low Battery.”

What Batteries Do Apple AirTags Use?

Apple AirTags use single CR2032 batteries. These are common batteries found in watches and other small devices.

You should be able to easily find them on Amazon or any store that sells batteries. They only cost a few dollars, so purchasing them once a year won’t break the bank. Some common brands for CR2032 batteries include:

Panasonic sells them in the largest packs than the other brands. So, if you have several Apple AirTags, it might be a good idea to buy a large pack and keep them on hand whenever you need a replacement.

Keep in mind that Apple recently announced that CR2032 batteries with the bitterant coating will probably not work with AirTag. Bitterant is added to batteries because it discourages children from touching them. However, you should always ensure that you are using the proper batteries with any Apple device, so you don’t void the warranty and so that they continue to work properly.

The battery packaging should tell you if the battery has bitterant or not. Since you’ll be using non-bitterant batteries, you should definitely make sure to keep Apple AirTags away from children. They might be able to access the battery buttons, so you should not allow children to play with the AirTag even if it’s closed.

Duracell is one of the only battery brands with child-proof packaging, even on non-bitterant coatings, so consider getting Duracell batteries if you have small kids.

How to Change Apple AirTag Batteries

When you’re ready to replace the AirTag’s battery, you might be wondering how you can swap the old ones out for the new ones. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Air Tag while the white base is facing downwards.
  2. With the Apple logo facing down, use two fingers to press down the two points beside the logo.
  3. Turn the cap counterclockwise.
  4. After the cap turns completely off, you can take it off and change the battery.
  5. Swap the old battery out for the new one.
  6. Put the cap back on.
  7. Turn the cap clockwise to seal it back in place.

Final Thoughts

Apple AirTags are not rechargeable, and they do not have a charging port. When the battery levels are low, or the device dies, you will need to buy CR2032 batteries; just be sure to buy those without a bitterant coating.

You can also check the battery level of the AirTags in the Find My app so you can replace the batteries before the Tag has a chance to die.

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